Are you Eligible for
Landlord Insurance


To be eligible to take out our Landlord Insurance, we ask that the property in question:

Is a residential property in the UK. ✔
Is let under a tenancy agreement between yourself/your agent and your tenants. ✔
Is occupied by no more than 6 individual tenants. ✔
Is not a bedsit or divided into individual self-contained units. ✔
Has no damage from, or signs of, landslip, subsidence or heave. ✔
Has not been flooded in the past 10 years. ✔

We also ask that you, or any family member living with you:

Are at least 18 years old. ✔
Are occupying the property solely for residential purposes. ✔
Have not had insurance cancelled, declined or declared void. ✔
Declare any previous insurance claims in the last 5 years. ✔
Have not been convicted of any criminal offences, other than motoring convictions. ✔

Why Choose TheHouseShop Landlord Insurance?

TheHouseShop is the UK’s leading rental marketplace and is trusted by thousands of landlords. Our Landlord Insurance has been rated 5 Star by Defaqto, an independent, trusted and industry-leading organisation. A 5 star rating represents one of the best quality offerings in the market and we are proud to have been awarded this unbiased and respected rating.