11 Obscure Kitchen Utensils That Are Actually Pretty Useful

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Is it just me or does everyone have ‘the drawer’ in their kitchen which stores the odd kitchen utensils you thought were a great idea but have never used since? I do this quite a lot but I have recently started to buy interesting items that are actually still useful (crazy, I know, but I am a serial hoarder so this is a big step!).

I’m a keen cook so I love getting the latest gadget or utensil that I can try when recreating meals I’ve seen on Instagram. Sometimes the most obscure and seemingly pointless items are actually the ones you end up using most!

This post will take a look at some of the more obscure utensils out there but those that will be sure to have pride of place in your kitchen.

Avocado Slicer


Source: Shutupandtakemymoney

I need this avocado slicer and destoner! I recently bought an avocado slicer and I absolutely love it. However, mine doesn’t have the part which gets the stone out or the in-built knife like the one in the picture which I think gives this one the edge over the standard slicers.

As a huge avocado fan, my mealtime prep is often spent with avocado all over my hands and the constant fear that I may slip when getting the stone out and end up cutting my hands (a risk I take repeatedly in my quest for good avocado). If you like avocado, this is a must-buy and it makes getting those health benefits just that little bit easier!

Finger Guard


Source: Spork City

This tool is so useful, I can’t believe I haven’t seen or thought of it before! The thing I struggle most with is cutting onions. The curve of the onion makes me so worried that my hand will slip and I will cut myself. Because of this I never end up cutting them in small enough pieces for the meal I’m making.

This finger guard is great as it is small enough to store easily and makes cooking a lot safer. I think it would be especially great for teaching children to cook as it minimises safety risks.



Source: Ali Express

Spiralizer’s have been everywhere recently, so they may not be the most obscure item on this list. However, some people may still be wondering what they are all about and if they are actually useful.

I have one similar to the image above and I love it. It’s actually such a useful tool. There are so many vegetables you can use it to create healthy meals. I like to use courgette to make courgette with a warm tomato pasta sauce and some more veg but there are loads of other potential meals that can be made.

There are so many different styles but for me, the smaller, handheld ones are much more practical as they can be easily cleaned and stored. I feel as though some of the bigger bulkier ones may be a bit more hassle and take up a lot of unnecessary room meaning you are more likely to get the use out of the handheld option.

Food Pods

food pod

Source: Design Swan

These food pods may look a little bit like… alien eggs (or is that just me?) but they do have a functional nature. Theses little pods are used for cooking food by placing the food into the pod and then putting the pod into the water for cooking. You can then easily pull the pod out and the holes allow for the food to drain instantly so you can serve straight away.

They may not be life-changing but I do think they would have a place in my kitchen. Sometimes I cook a few vegetables at a time and towards to end, realise that one is cooking quicker than another. I then have to try and pick out the cooked items from the boiling water whilst leaving the uncooked veg. I had never realised there was an easier way until I saw these as you can put a few items in the saucepan at the same time and take them out when they are each perfectly cooked.

The best thing about these is that they are small and flexible meaning they can be stored easily without clogging up your kitchen cupboards like some bigger colanders and utensils.

Cutting Board with Scale


Source: Toxel

I need this cutting board in my life. This is such a clever update to your standard chopping board and is so useful for cooking.

Usually, when I’m cooking something from a recipe book, I  like to be precise with the quantities in fear that if I’m not, the dish won’t be right.  However, in my small kitchen, it can be a balancing act to get my scales, chopping board, bowl and ingredients onto the work surface. This is why this chopping board is amazing and could make cooking so much easier.

There will always be a place for cutting boards in your kitchen so next time you are thinking about updating them, opt for this modern version.

Apron with Detachable Towel


Source: Just Perfect Inc

I’m a messy cook but also a bit of a clean freak at the same time (if that is even possible). But that means I constantly make a mess and then wash my hands so am always looking around for a clean tea towel in the mess I have created.

This apron solves my problems. Firstly, wearing an apron will keep the mess away from my clothes but it also includes a towel at the bottom so you can always have something to dry your hands on. The best thing about it is that it is attached with a zip meaning you can take it off and put it in the wash. Perfect for even the messiest cooks.

Tofu Press


Source: Tofuture

This product is definitely a bit more niche in comparison to the previous ones so it may not be everyone’s idea of a useful utensil. However, as a vegetarian and healthy food lover, I think this tofu press is brilliant.

If you have ever cooked or used tofu in recipes you will know that the most annoying part of using it is having to get the excess water out. I recently made an amazing tofu chocolate mousse which was very easy but having the squeeze all of the excess moisture out was a bit of a pain. That is one of the reasons I sometimes shy away from using tofu, even though I’ve seen some lovely recipes using it.

This tofu press basically does the squeezing for you and allows you to easily get the water out so you can get on with cooking and enjoying your meal without the hassle.

3-Tier Oven Rack


Source Listotic

This is an amazing idea. I still can’t believe it exists but its such a simple and useful product! These oven racks have 3-tiers so you can make use of the space in your oven and cook multiple dishes at once.

When I see this, my mind jumps to Christmas with my parents trying to squeeze everything into our oven and the juggling act this causes (made worse by my need for separate veggie items). Christmas and other family events are where this item really comes into its own, allowing for the meal to be as perfect as planned.

Garlic Chopper


Source: Amazon

Possibly the worst thing about cooking is when your hands are left smelling like garlic for what feels like days after chopping a clove. It feels as though nothing can get rid of it and you end up not wanting to use garlic anymore (and I don’t want to live in a world without garlic!). For this reason, this little garlic chopper is brilliant and it’s so easy to use. You just place the cloves into the machine, give it a few twists and you have minced garlic at your odour free fingertips!!

The fact this little utensil is so compact also makes it easy to store and the material makes it easy to clean.

Citrus Sprayer


Source: Lakeland

This citrus sprayer is really clever and useful if you use fruits such as lemons or limes often. The spray top fits directly onto the fruit so it’s easy to use and you don’t have to worry about juicing the lemon and then decanting it into a spray bottle.

It’s great as it allows you to be a lot more delicate than if you squeezed the lemon and is really good for spraying onto salads or onto avocados to keep them fresh.

A few more…

So, that was 10 of the more obscure utensils you can add to your kitchen to make your life easier. The good thing about the ones chosen is that they are all small and actually practical. Some other items seem to look like they will be great but actually end up just taking up too much space and clogging up precious kitchen space.

As you can probably see from the list, I’m naturally drawn towards the utensils that relate to healthier foods, like fruit and vegetables. Because of this, check out these extra goodies that will easily allow you to indulge every once in a while.

cake-magisso-cake-knife-diy-baking-utensils-silicone-cake-knife-cutting-knives-cookie-cutter_3122465 pizza taco


Cake cutter: Alibaba
Pizza slicer: Interesting Things
Taco truck: Blazenfluff


The Table Vault

Okay, so this isn’t technically a “utensil” but seemed pretty cool to include. With families spending more time together at home, Grain and Frame have devised a clever way of ensuring there are no distractions at dinnertime with, what they dub, the “Table Vault”. The table contains a discreet and hidden vault which can fit up to 10 phones at a time and is locked by entering a time code. The vault will only open once the timer has expired, whether that is 10 minutes or a few hours. Each phone has its own foam cut out; protecting the phone from scratches and to minimise any disrupting vibration or noise.


Ref number: THSI-1995

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