3 Ways to Sell Your Commercial Property

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Selling a commercial property is, perhaps surprisingly, a markedly different experience to selling a residential home. You’re not necessarily trying to create a homely atmosphere or even make your space look particularly friendly. Instead, viewers will be searching for an accommodation on purely functional and fiscal terms.

So what you’re trying to do is show that your property is worthier than all the other shops on the high street, or warehouses in the industrial sector. When you show someone your property, they should be able to imagine a customer waltzing in and throwing their cash at members of staff with gleeful abandon.

Retail premises struggle the most with this. When high street stores are shutting their doors in droves, convincing prospective clients that your shop floor will set their bank accounts alight isn’t an easy task.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few tips to help sell your shop to let. Take a look.

Get partnered up

You’re a whip-smart property developer, but your maverick tactics can only get you so far. Sooner or later you’re going to need some help.

Thankfully, the internet is your friend. For plenty of property news, forecasts and to check the average property prices in your area, Shop Property is your best bet. Their site is teeming with information on everything from tiny newsagents to larger retail parks.

Glean as much as you can from their site to figure out what’s best for your property. Going it alone is fine, but facts and figures like these will stop you from becoming rudderless.

The hard sell

Selling a commercial property isn’t a mug’s game. You’ll be dealing with fully-fledged business people who know a con job when they see one. So you’ll have to make sure that everything about your property is up to scratch.

Before a potential buyer arrives, make sure you’ve cleaned your property and know when to emphasise its most positive features. Then it’s time to move in for the hard sell. Continue extolling your property’s virtues and come armed with a lease agreement for them to sign immediately if they indicate an interest.

Not only will the hard sell strong arm them into purchasing your property, but it’ll make you look diligent and enthusiastic – a trait that’ll make a positive impact on your client’s mind.

Know your area

You’re not just trying to part a viewer with their cash. During the purchasing process you should be a fount of knowledge, allaying any pre-purchasing jitters and letting clients feel as though their competition will be quaking in their boots now that they’ve purchased this premises.

You should be the go-to person for any worries that a viewer has about a company, and that you’ve got everything under control. Clients will be signing on the dotted line in to time.

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