5 things to know about renting in London

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London Rental Property

You almost certainly will feel ripped off
Oh, you’re paying 700 per month for a single room in a four bedroom house in Zone 3? So what. You’re not special. So is everyone else.If you think you’re going to find a decently priced flat anywhere between Buckinghamshire and Barking, you’re wrong. You’ll live in a shoebox and pay handsomely for it.


“Double Glazing” doesn’t actually mean your house will be any less cold
London’s weather conditions have drastically worsened every year since I moved here. Having moved house 3 times in the last 2.5years, and now in the midst of my third winter in the city, I’ll tell you now that “double glazing” doesn’t actually mean anything. Most landlords will advertise a flat with “double glazing” but that doesn’t negate the need for heating, a snuggie, slippers, and lots of tea.


If you don’t live near a tube station, you’re screwed
In the event that you get lucky and end up renting reasonably close to a tube station your first time around, congratulations! The next year of your life will be considerably easier. If you weren’t so lucky,please prepare yourself for half hour walks in the rain and snow during winter,and sweltering trecks in the summer that give Lord of the rings a run for their money.


If you intend to have a social life be prepared to shell out a fortune on transportation
London’s transport system isn’t the best. There I said it. One journey can end up costing a fiver one way if you live in Zone 5 like Ido. If you’re itching for a night out in London be prepared to spend a tenner just getting to and fro–and that’s if you can manage to catch the last train home! If you can’t then, helloooo expensive cab fare.

Your first few flats in London probably won’t be “nice”
Chances are that you’ve come to London either as a student or as a wide eyed twenty-something year old trying to make it in the big city. Well, in either case, let me cut your fantasy short. Your first flat will probably have leaky faucets, busted door handles, ugly curtains, and dirty walls. Your second flat will be a little better, but it will cost a fortune and you will barely be able to afford it. At some point, you’ll find a flat that is relatively cheap and nice to live in. It will be located in Uxbridge and transport into London will take you an hour. Congratulations, you’re an adult.

Author Nneka Idika

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