7 Tips in purchasing a property overseas

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People from China are buying more and more properties abroad. They feel that the real estate prices are affordable and that reselling the real estate can help them profit by a lot. Not only that, they can invest in these properties for their kids when they send them to another country for educational purposes. If we look at this, we will find that investing in real estate property in various countries might be financially profitable for us in the future. This is mainly because the land in another country may be more affordable and the currency exchange might be quite favourable.


If you are interested in real estate and investments, you should consider buying properties abroad. Here are some tips to get you started:

Research the market thoroughly

Real estate agents and private vendors who are selling their apartment or Villa will most likely advertise their property in the best possible way. It’s best to ask people who live in the area. This would include homeowners, restaurant owners, and retailers that are near the neighborhood. That way you get some good insights on the local economy and whether the property values are staple or not. You can also read up on these values online or in publication to assess the risk.

Gain some local knowledge

You can ask the locals about the history and background information pertaining to the house or apartment that you are interested in purchasing. Try to find out as much information as you can including climate information, government building projects, the weather, or any building plans near the area.

Location location location

You want properties with excellent amenities, connection to the airport, train stations, major cities, and visitor attraction. For example, Slovenia property often ensures that their real estate is near these attractions. If you are planning to travel back and forth, then you will need a good reason and an affordable price as well as the local airport with regular flights.

Know the rules and regulations

Understand the local planning and building regulations and laws. For example, there are cases in other countries where local government would grant planning permission for the construction of holiday homes, which are revoked by the national government.

Get an excellent lawyer

It’s important to get an excellent local lawyer who can explain all the technicalities to you. You can seek recommendations or look online for a five-star lawyer.

Renting your property

If you are planning to rent out your property, it’s best to find rental incomes and learn about the local areas. You will have to create a professional tenancy agreement by using a local lawyer or rental specialist. Afterwards, your property will have to undergo safety test and you may need to pay taxes on any rental income.

Be a smart investor

It’s important to take into consideration the currency fluctuation so you can buy your property as part of an investment portfolio. You should ask yourself that if the currency value were to crash, would you be able to enjoy the property or would it have a negative impact on your finances. After all, It’s important to avoid common pitfalls in the investment industry.

Buying a property in another country can be very exciting. First, this means that you can take a frequent vacation to another country and have a place to stay. Another thing is that you can rent out the property to other locals and make a profit. You can also resell the real estate at a higher price, that way you will also profit. After all, the opportunity is endless when it comes to investing and buying properties abroad.


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