All you need to know about Pellet Stoves and why you should definitely get one.

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If you stay in an area that experiences colder climate, a huge chunk of your utility bill goes to heating. For this reason, pellet stoves are the new talk of town with everyone trying to minimise their utility bill.

Why are they in fashion?

Every season there is always something being introduced to the market and the pellet stove is the current accessory. They are popular because they come in different sizes, shapes and designs based on the preference of clients. These stoves resemble the traditional woodstoves but they function similarly to modern furnaces. Freestanding pellet stoves can be fitted inside an already existing fireplace to create a fancy look. Once set up you can fill the stove with pellets made from compressed saw dust, set the thermostat and enjoy the warmth.

The stove has a mechanical lever that drops the pellets into the burn pot where they burn and provide warmth to the house. There is no smoke emissions and very little ash residue remains. The pellet stove is able to keep both the indoors and outdoors air clean and is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency. Your home layout and size will determine if a pellet stove can be the primary source of heating or a supplementary source. The beauty of pellet stoves is that they come in designs that are well suited for any interior style.

Why you should get a pellet stove

The fact is everyone enjoys fire but when it comes to the thought of chopping, stoking firewood and storing it can be cumbersome. There is also that constant worry of whether you put off the fire or not before retiring to bed. Then there is the fact that smoke comes with plenty of toxic chemical compound that are not health friendly. Some of these factors are what discourages people from having furnaces but the pellet stove solves all these problems.

It is convenient in that you do not have to chop wood instead you use compressed saw dust pellets as a source of fuel. The pellets are made from recycled wood shavings and saw dust. The tiny pellets are environmental friendly and affordable. The only common feature between a wood burning stove, a fireplace and a pellet stove is the resemblance. The stove is electronically maintained which is environmental friendly and reduces the cost of heating.  The pricing of the stove ranges from $1000 to $4000 which is a long-term investment.

Pellet stoves requires very little maintenance because they produce very little ash .You might need to empty the pan at least once a week. Depending on the state or area you come from you may be exempted from paying sales tax on stove pellets.

Why you should hire a pro for installation?

First of all they are well trained and they have an idea of what exactly they are doing and are less likely to cause damages to your house. Depending on the size and interior of the house they can determine if the pipes will run vertically, horizontally or through the chimney. The installation price starts from around $200 onwards.

Due to the heat generated by pellet stoves they should be at a distance of about 36 inches from furniture and curtains. In households where there are children keep it away from foot traffic areas. A professional will fit in a tightly sealed exhaust pipe which runs on the exterior of the wall or towards the roof or chimney. The purpose of the pipe being sealed is to avoid gases entering the house. There is a second line which offers combustion to the outside air. When it comes to power supply, the pellet stove will need an outlet to control the fans, circuit board and thermostat. In case your stove is the sole source of heat, you can add a battery back up in the event there is a power blackout. You can protect your floor by resting your pellet stove on a fire-resistant surface which can be a ceramic tile or stone. This will protect against embers that escape. As an added safety measure the pad needs to be over 6 inches past the door.

If you have an already existing fire place you can also turn it into a pellet stove .This is done by fitting a fire box that has a pellet stove insert. A contractor will help you locate a metal surround and unit that is suitable with the dimensions of your fire place. The job is best left to a professional because metal liner needs to be fitted in the chimney for ventilation. You may need the approval of a municipal inspector before the stove can be used.

What are some of the advantages of the pellet stove?

They are user friendly mostly because it has an automatic ignition. All that is required of you is adjusting the temperature which can be done with either the room thermostat or a remote control. You can select a model which can be programmed using an app or a text message. The efficiency of the pellet stove is quite high making it another advantage of owning one. By now you know that it is ecofriendly and uses recycled source of fuel. It has a computer system that provides efficient burning with no smoke and little ash.

The source of fuel used in the pellet stove is affordable and the price range has not changed since manufacture. The pellets are ready to use and stored in a compact easy to store packaging. The stoves autonomy allows it to operate from 12 to 36 hours under partial or full load.


Overall the pellet stove is a handy item for those living in colder climates. It is easy and cheap to maintain with a readily available source of fuel. Of course it causes a bit of laxity especially in maintenance. Since it produces little ash you may find yourself forgetting to do cleanup or having it serviced. As much as it is pricey it is a long term investment which provides comfort to the entire family.

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