Building a House Involves More than You Think!

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Ask anyone about having a home built and you will learn that there are a lot of people involved. You may talk with a salesperson about the process, but the actual people building the home are numerous. Before you start shopping around to have a house built, here are all the people involved.

Engineers are the First Stop

Most of us imagine engineers building trains or bridges, but they also have a hand in building your home. They typically work alongside architects to ensure that the design will work and be as functional as you want. None of the designs can come to fruition without an engineer to help steer the construction in the right direction. Ask your salesperson which engineering firms they work with and do some research. You want the right firm with a good reputation!

Architects Bring the Beauty

All of us want a beautiful home that will keep them happy for years to come. Architects bring the design that will best match what it is you want your façade and interior to portray. Want a two story home with cathedral ceilings in the living room? Or maybe a wrap-around porch that extends into a deck on the back half of the house and doesn’t take away from the shape of the home? An architect will work with you to bring that vision in your head to illustrations on paper so that you can see it before it’s built.

Foundation Contractors Begin the Groundwork

A team comes in to begin the grading of the property and start the foundation of the house. This always happens, you cannot just build a home on top of the property. Most land is uneven and unable to accommodate changes in our environments with a house sitting directly on top of it.

Framing the Basics

Framing contractors are the next crew to come in and start the skeletal structure of the home. They take their time to make sure that everything is measured perfectly and matches their blueprint. If there is an issue with layout design that isn’t caught by the engineer, they will certainly catch it here.

Windows are the Eyes of the Home

Contractors specializing in windows and doors, often ones you have to choose before construction begins, come in and install your windows and doors. This is when you will begin to really see what your house is going to look like that isn’t an illustration.

Finish the Top and Sides

With the foundation set, frame up, windows and doors in place, a team of roofers will come in to begin building your roof and put the siding on to your home. It often feels like you are in the home stretch at this point, but there is more!

Adding Electricity and Plumbing

Electricians and plumbers now step in to get your wiring and plumbing in place. If you are digging a well for water, that will have to happen before plumbers come in and some plumbers are able to do that for you. This stage is a nice one because you can walk around inside and really see the life of your home being born.

Insulating and Drywall

The next team to step indoors are your insulation and drywall experts. They work fairly quickly to ensure that your home will stay protected from the elements as best as possible.

Final Touches

A new crew of contractors will come in and finish the odds and ends stuff that has to happen before you can move in. They finish the trim, underlayment, and paint the inside and outside of the home. They will install cabinets and various countertops in bathrooms and kitchen. They will add any carpeting or flooring that needs to be added. Electricians and plumbers will often pop in and finish any last minute details.

A lot goes into your home! Don’t be afraid to ask who your salesperson uses and check on their standing in the community. That way you know you are getting your money’s worth.

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