Buying property in Chester

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Buy Sell or Find Property in Chester

The House Shop has thousands of houses for sale from all over the UK and good selection of homes for sale from the Chester area.

Housing Market in Chester

The House Shop has been helping people from Chester sell their homes since 2015. Chester home owners have saved thousands of pounds in estate agents commission allowing them to put the money saved into their new property.

Private House Sales

Selling a property without an estate agent means that the owner is responsible for the marketing of the property and deals directly with all potential buyers. Once a price has been agreed for a property we advise that the legal process is handed over to each parties legal representative.

Estate Agents in Chester

The House Shop offer an online estate agents service similar to a traditional estate agency but at a fraction of the cost. select the “Sell” tab for more details

Referral Rewards
Having a huge band of sellers trying to find a buyer for your home in Chester is possible with referral rewards learn more by selecting Refer


Schools in Chester

<class=’link_menu’><class=’link_menu’>University of Chester, Chester, Cheshire, uni info
Upton-by-Chester High School, Chester, Cheshire,


Quick Facts

Population: 118000
County: Cheshire
Country: England
Local Gov. Website: Chester City Council
Chester is situated in the north-west of England, close to the border with Wales. It has one of the best preserved city walls in England and has a rich historic background. It dates back 2000 years to Roman times when it was known as Deva or Castra Devana.
Useful Websites About Chester

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