Certainly not in the ghetto – Elvis honeymoon home goes up for sale

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The house where Elvis spent a three day honeymoon with wife Priscilla has been put up for sale by the wealthy investor who owns the stunning property.
As well as having enormous celebrity cachet, the Palm Springs property is also an architecturally beautiful mid-20th century home. Keep reading to find out more.
Elvis honeymoon home currently a major tourist attraction
1350 Ladera Circle, Palm Springs is a modernist property which Elvis rented for around a year in 1966. He then paid $21,000 (12,500) for the property, in which he and wife Priscilla stayed immediately after their Las Vegas wedding in 1967.
The property is on the market for $9.5 million (5.7 million). The present owner of the home is a wealthy Boston investor who has run the property as an Elvis tourist attraction. The house is currently full of Elvis artwork and memorabilia and visitors can currently enjoy a guided tour.
The Daily Telegraph reports that, in 1962, the property featured in Look magazine as The House of Tomorrow. The newspaper adds that half a century on, it still feels like a cool place to live, a charming rebuttal to conventional house design.
Built by the prominent Palm Springs developer Robert Alexander, the home was designed in four perfect circles, on three levels, and incorporates a mixture of glass and peanut brittle stonework. 
Josh Altman of The Altman Brothers, the agents marketing the property, said: “Palm Springs is a great niche area to invest right now. The Elvis honeymoon house is a particularly good investment because of the classic midcentury architecture that the area is known for. 
“And don’t forget all the priceless history that the home offers. If only the walls could talk of all the ‘tender loving…'” 
The master bedroom suite where Elvis and Priscilla spent their honeymoon offers panoramic views of the Santa Rosa mountains. The property also boasts art deco furnishings throughout, a swimming pool, a tennis court and an orchard.
“No star name attracts a bigger property premium than Elvis Presley”, says Mike Eisenberg, a Californian agent who specialises in selling properties with celebrity connections. “There is always a scramble when an Elvis house comes on the market.”

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