Energy Manager for Microsoft Windows

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• Windows software to help you view, analyse and report your energy use
• Allows up to 250 meters to be analysed
• Graphing and reporting built in
• Export data to CSV for analysis in Excel
• Control your Smart Sockets
Lite £59.99 ( Inc VAT)
Pro £234.99 (Inc VAT)
Workgroup £589.99 (Inc VAT)
• Connects to any Smart Energy Controller or Smart Energy Controller Lite


There are many times when you require the ability to analyse your energy use in more detail. Maybe you would like to identify the major energy hogs, perhaps you would like to record your energy consumption before and after an energy improvement programme to compare the two, or maybe you just want more detail about what is going on with trends and ongoing analysis. In all of these scenarios, having effective reporting and analysis software is essential in optimising your energy reductions.

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