Energy Manager Starter Kit

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• 1 x Smart Energy Controller Lite
• 1 x 5 way Smart Socket

£353.99 (inc. VAT – P&P)


The Energy Saving Starter Kit is a basic introductory kit that allows an organisation or individual to start measuring their electricity usage. Data is collected every ten seconds and displayed on the screen of the Smart Energy Controller, which will show how much electricity is being consumed and the cost. Its LED lights alert the user to changes in usage – showing red to indicate an increase and green for a decrease.

The 5-way Smart Socket can be used with a range of electrical equipment – such as PCs, photocopiers, printers and vending machines. Comparisons can quickly be drawn to see which devices are using the most energy, and to identify where savings might be made, either through behavioural change (such as not leaving devices on standby overnight) or by purchasing more energy-efficient devices in the future.

The system is very quick and simple to set up – simply plug in the Energy Controller and it will automatically detect the 5-way Smart Socket as soon as it is in use and begin to display readings.

It can be easily extended by adding further products from our range – including Energy Manager Lite software, which allows you to access energy consumption data from your PC, in graph form, both in real-time or for a selected time period.


• A simple, wireless energy monitoring system suitable for any organisation or individual wishing to measure the energy consumption of their electrical devices
• Simple to install – out of the box to data collection in less than five minutes
• Easy to read display shows you how much energy is being used, the cost of that energy, and whether your usage is constant, increasing or decreasing
• See the power used by different pieces of equipment simply by plugging an electrical device into the 5-way Smart Socket
• Simple to extend – add as many Smart Sockets as you need. It is also fully compatible with the other products in the range
• Wide range – the Smart Socket can be placed up to 30 metres away from the Smart Energy Controller. The devices communicate wirelessly and will work through walls and ceilings.

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