Failed pilot builds replica cockpit in his own home

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A man whose school maths grades meant he could never become a pilot has completed a 15 year labour of love to build a replica Boeing 747 cockpit in the bedroom of his Coventry home.

John Davis has spent 20,000 to construct a life-sized Boeing 747 simulator, having been forced to give up his dream of becoming a pilot as a child. The replica is not only for display and isavailable for pilots and plane enthusiasts to practice in. Keep reading to findout more.

Its not every day you meet someone who has a plane in their back bedroom

The 54 year old has spent 15 years the precise replica cockpit by hand – crafting it into the space he had in his spare bedroom at his 92,000 terraced home.

The former graphic designer, who mans the simulator full-time, said: I always longed to be a pilot but now I have the next best thing. The simulator is so life-like that I have lots of commercial airline pilots coming for a flight. I get to rub shoulders with professional pilots and it’s great that they are so impressed by my simulator.

Mr Davis charges 75 for an hour-long flight or125 for two hours.

Mr Davis’s partner, Allyson Mabey, told the Daily Mail: I will admit I was surprised when John first told me about the simulator. It is very unusual and it’s not every day you meet someone who has a plane in their back bedroom.

‘I was astounded when I first saw the simulator in real life. To look at Johns house you would never guess there was a plane inthe back room.

Mr Davis studied photographs of Boeing 747-400cockpits online and ordered most of the parts for the aircraft off the internet. The light deck panels are made out of MDF while the pilot and twopassenger chairs are made out of old leather car seats.

My passengers can fly from BirminghamInternational or London Gatwick to Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport to on their first flight and then progress further afield to the Canary Islands if they fancy,’ he added. 

Nick Marr

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