Five Money Saving Tips To Insulate Your Home

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Insulating your home some money saving ideas – Winters are uncomfortable, tough and tend to be so expensive. Gas and electricity bills shoot up because of increased heating needs. Insulating your windows, roofs and doors will help keep the warmth indoors and will also reduce the bills. While layered curtains and cellular shades are good methods to insulate, they are costly.

 Here are five simpler and cheaper ways to insulate your home:


Use self-adhesive rubber weather sealants

You can purchase self-stick sealants at your local hardware store. Measure the dimensions of your window and cut out long strips of the sealant an inch or half larger than the size of the window. Now all you need to do is peel the strips and then stick them on the window frame. Cheap, easy and effective the rubber sealant will close any gaps and keep draft out.

Use plastic shrink film for weather insulation

Another cheap, easy and effective method to insulate your home. Plastic shrink films can be easily found in regular hardware stores, as a part of the window insulation kit. Cover the indoor window’s frame with the shrink film and seal it in place using a double-adhesive tape.

As the final step, use a regular hair drier to heat the plastic film so that it shrinks in place and draft-proofs the window.


Use draft snakes (draft excluders) to seal the doors and windows

Draft snakes are nothing but tubes of fabric that you can place under your doors and windowsills to prevent warm air from indoors from escaping or cold, outside draft from entering. You can purchase it from a hardware store or sew one yourself

Sew fabric in a tube to fit the width of the door/window and fill it with dried rice and place it under the door or window sill.


Caulk the gaps up

Caulking has numerous benefits cutting home energy costs, reducing carbon footprint of your house and also insulating it for the winters.

Caulking can be done at a very cheap rate and will prevent hot air from escaping through loose window frame fittings.


Wrap up the hot water tank

Wrapping up your hotwater tank during the winters will help keep your home insulated at a lower costs. Simply snag an insulation blanket from your hardware store and you’re good to go. Giving your hot water tank a good warm hug with the insulation blanket will reduce your energy costs needed to keep your homes insulated during winters. 

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