For Sale Boards Are They Still Relevant?

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Since beginning of house sales, a board has been planted outside a property offering its sale to passers by: But are ‘For Sale’ boards still relevant in today’s high tech world?

I have been managing private house sales, otherwise known as ‘For Sale By Owner‘, since 2000. TheHouseShop was one of the first places in the UK where buyers and sellers were put together online.  In 2004 we created an international FSBO portal at with the same aim but for overseas buyers.  In that time technology and how a property is presented online has taken a huge leap forward.


Most property websites will for example, have multiple images, floor plans, Google street view and maps to show a potential buyer. Gone are the days of thumbnail images and limited worded descriptions.


One thing that has not changed in this time is the humble For Sale Board. The For Sale By Owner No.1 tool to attract local buyers. One of the reasons for the board was to help buyers find the property. With Sat Navigation and online mapping this reason to display a board has diminished. In the UK the Town and Country Planning Act regulate the size and placement of estate agent For Sale Boards.


Do For Sale Boards Work?


Evidence from the largest UK’s For Sale By Owner website shows that over 30% of sales are generated by a For Sale Board.  Estate agents in the UK use them and in fact most realtors in the US will use them.  


Boards work for estate agents.

For Sale Boards work fin lots of ways for estate agents, they act as free advertising for the agency and at the same time attract local buyers. The profit made by a professional who can attract a sale by erecting a For Sale Board is huge.


High Tech Boards

Some boards have QR codes, Text information line phone numbers, and even images of the inside of a home. The most important information is where to see details online and of course a phone number.


Word of Mouth

A For Sale Board can generate a conversation locally, from pointing out the sale to a friend to neighbours gossiping its all publicity for a property.


Downside to a For Sale Board

Some may say that seeing too many For Sale Boards in a street is not a good sign (excuse the pun) certainly having a property with multiple boards outside is not an attractive proposition.  I would always advise to ensure the board is in good condition, battered and poorly erected boards give the wrong first impression.


When you look at the power of the board even in today’s high tech world it certainly seems there will always be a place for this unique

Nick Marr


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