Haunted Homes In The UK

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Haunted homes

Haunted houses and spooky places to live are said not to be the most desirable when it comes to buying or selling a home. The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors report that a home said to be haunted  will have trouble selling However at the same time a visit to HauntedPlaces.co.uk will show that some of the places said to be haunted are in fact very valuable properties.

The ideal Halloween website HauntedPlaces.co.uk highlights several luxury homes said to be haunted located from all over the UK including:

  • Aston Hall, Birmingham
  • Athelhamption Hall, Dorset
  • Bosworth Hall, Leicestershire
  • Bramshill House, Hampshire
  • Burton Agnes Hall, Humberside
  • Chingle Hall, Lancashire
  • Clandon House, Surrey
  • Courtiers House, Oxford
  • Gunby Hall, Lincolnshire
  • Hall Place, Kent
  • Heskin Hall, Lancashire
  • Highlow Hall, Derbyshire
  • Ightham Mote, Kent
  • Levens Hall, Cumbria
  • Lyme Hall, Cheshire
  • Moreton Corbet, Shropshire
  • Penfound Manor, Cornwall
  • Pythouse, Wiltshire
  • Rufford Old Hall, Lancashire
  • Samlesbury Hall, Lancashire


Aston Hall Birmingham

Uk haunted houses

It is thought that Aston Hall is the most haunted building in Birmingham, paranormal activity at the hall has been documented over the past century. The most active ghost at Aston Hall is the grey lady who is thought to be Holte’s daughter. It is said that she, chose to elope and marry the man she loved rather than the man he picked out for her to marry, but her father found out about her plan and put a stop to it by locking her up for 16 years in a room on the upper floor. Loneliness took its toll and when she died 16 years later, she had gone insane. Her ghost is seen at least twice a year, and people often mistake her for staff dressed in period costume. Source : Ghost Story.co.uk

Haunted homes worth millions

These apparent haunted homes are worth millions and are steeped in history and are extremely valuable real estate. When it comes to the average home rumours about being haunted are simply not good for a sale. A seafront thatched property in West Sussex, was the scene of a murder around 15 years ago when a wife was killed by her husband using a champagne bottle. Despite being an extremely desirable property, the house could not be sold.

Some Ghostly Stories

One of Newcastle’s oldest buildings, a 14th century timber framed pub, is said to be haunted by the spirit of Henry Hardwick, a ghostly figure seen late at night with only black sockets for eyes. RICS Valuer David Downing examined the property around 18 months ago and while the stories of the historic building‘s haunted past did not add value, it had increased to the marketability of the building.

A Victorian detached bungalow made of black brick at Country Antrim, was repossessed last year after its owners failed to sell due to rumours of it being haunted by a ghost.

In the West of Scotland, a woman was murdered by a family member in a small village. As word of this spread throughout the community, the property was eventually valued at 20 per cent less than it would have been had the murder not have taken place.

A house in Moneymore, County Londonderry, built on the site of an old horses’ graveyard was thought to be haunted. After it sat derelict and unsold for many years, locals called for the property‘s demolition after unexplained events were witnessed there. 

Jeremy Leaf, RICS spokesperson, commented:

“While many factors can affect a property‘s value, unusual occurrences such as rumoured hauntings, celebrity inhabitants or high profile crimes can have a significant affect on a house‘s saleability. There are examples across the UK where houses are said to have been previously occupied by a famous celebrity or even the ghost.


Video of Most Haunted House in The UK

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