How To Avoid The Top 5 Home Move Stresses

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Several surveys and studies show that moving home is one of the most stressful transitions we go through. It is not very difficult to feel overwhelmed, but with a little bit of perspective and organizing things properly, it doesn’t need to be such a horrible experience. Take a look at the top five most stressful things regarding moving, and how to avoid them.


  • Too many things to pack. Moving all your stuff to your new place will take you ages, and you’ll get ruined buying cardboard boxes to store it. It is definitely time for a clear out. This will allow you to get rid of old and unnecessary things, and it will save you some – perhaps many – boxes!


  • So little time. First things first, you’ve got to put all your stuff in boxes and that seems an impossible task. It would have been perfect if you had done it little by little, over the course of several weeks, but you didn’t. Ok, keep calm, get your phone and call some friends of members of your family. They will be happy to lend you a hand in exchange for a cup of tea and a good chat while you are at it.


  • Important things getting lost. Losing important documents such as your passport or insurance papers can happen when we’ve got so many boxes and papers around. And let’s not mention those super expensive porcelain figures you bought last year after saving for a while! Make sure you get all the important things in a safe place where they cannot be lost or broken, if necessary, supervise personally that that box or container gets to your new home safe and sound. Doing this will save you all that time you would spend going crazy looking for things in all the boxes or crying over the broken pieces of your things.


  • If you have children… Moving can be a difficult experience for your children as they are leaving their familiar environment. Some children may find it hard to understand the great change that moving is. Children usually feel comfortable in familiar surroundings and their routines, so the best way to make the transition easier for them is to keep a positive attitude and talk to your children about it. Make them understand why it is necessary and emphasize the good things about your new home.


  • Not knowing. Once you’ve got there… you probably don’t know anything or anyone. You’ve got to start from scratch to know your neighbours, to make friends in the area, to know where everything is – from the post office to the liquor store – and that can be a bit overwhelming after going through the whole process of moving from one house into another. Just take some time to get to know the area, little walks are a good idea at the beginning to familiarise yourself with the immediate area. Ringing your neighbour’s bell and introducing yourself is a good idea as well – if they don’t go to your place first.


Just remember to keep calm, take your time and ask for help if needed. It would be worth it in the end!


by Sandra Martinez

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