How to Get Cheap Car Hire when Looking at Houses Abroad

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It is becoming quite common that the population are immigrating to foreign countries in the hope of a better life, work progression and financial security. This can be a really exciting in regards to families and couples. However, if you were to view these properties, not having a vehicle may make your task a whole lot more difficult. This is why you need to know the key foundations in regards to cheap car hire and way of doing this. The problem with this though, car hire firms abroad have more catches than a wide receiver but if follow some of the tips in this content, you might be able to get the best deal on the market.

There are ways to get foreign car hire for less than £4 a day- that’s even during busy times if you were to book early. So make sure you plan and prepare, ensuring you don’t leave it till the last minute. Here are certain ways to find cheap prices and beat those hidden catches

Comparison sites

If you plan in advance, comparison sights allow you to search the hire market at speed which gives you the opportunity in exploring all the deals going.  Before you do your researching, make sure you have given yourself enough time because it worth spending a few minutes searching all the comparison sites. To help you out, here are some of top picks in regards to comparison sites:

  • Skycanner
  • TravelSupermarket
  • Carrentals
  • Kayak

Making sure you know what car you need

The easiest way in saving money on car hire is knowing what type of car you need- be sensible with it.  Are you going to need a family saloon or would a medium sized hatchback do instead? These are the simplest ways in saving you the pennies and can be easily done. Make sure you rent what you need because getting a 4×4 can be more than doubled the price of a medium sized family model.

Prepare and book early!

I seemed to keep repeating myself but this is really important in regards to getting cheap car hire. Booking in advance for car hire can save you hundreds of pounds. Even if you traveling at the height of the peak season, by taking some time out of your day and booking in advance can help you save a considerable amount of money. In addition to this, if you want cheap airport parking prices, again by booking in advance, you can save almost double of what you would spend on a later date.

Insurance tricks

While insurance is included, as you collect a car, firms often say ‘without our own excess insurance, you’d pay a huge fee for just a scratch’, thing is, you don’t need to buy this off of them, the excess insurance can be separately bought for as little as £2 a day, the only thing with this however, car firms may ask for a higher deposit if you don’t take out their excess insurance, but does it really matter if you’re a safe driver? I think not.

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