How to make your student house the nicest: Cheap décor tips

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You know your student house is – probably – going to be a temporary one but… why does it have to be so shabby and gloomy? But do not fret my friend, we are going to give you some cool ideas that won’t cost you much!


  • Be crafty. For example… do you like painting? Get your hands in a blank canvas and let your imagination fly. You’ll end up creating something personal that will impress your guests for sure. You are not that good at painting? Well, you can always create something original by putting together some cool tiles; it will give the chosen room a bit of colour and originality!


  • Rural touch. Next time you go to the beach, spend some time looking for shells. You’d be surprised by the beauty of some of them. You can also get some vintage objects from a second hand shop, especially those that are made of wood (a nice trunk, a clock, etc.); it will give your house a relaxed atmosphere.


  • Fake headboard. Your room feels empty? Paint yourself a cool headboard, you just need to get some paint, a brush, and… get your hands dirty!


  • Hang lots of photos. If you have a completely empty wall, get your photo album and select a bunch. Next step, go and get some cheap frames… and, start hanging them! You can put them in chronological order, mix them, create a design with them… your imagination is the limit!


  • Buying a bunch of candles and putting them in shelves, tables, etc. You can also put them in original containers, preferably made of glass – vases, bowls, etc. A plus of getting candles is that, if they are aromatic candles, your house will always smell nice!




There are hundreds of ideas to help you give a nice and warm touch to your student house; you just need to use your imagination and do a bit of research!

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