Most Impressive Skyscrapers

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What building could be more impressive than the mighty skyscraper? A giant that dominates and defines the city it lies in? Just about every skyscraper demands respect and awe, but some skyscrapers are more impressive than others. With that in mind, these are the skyscrapers that I would say are the most memorable and special.



The Empire State Building



Image courtesy ofEmpireState Realty Trust


How could you not include the iconic Empire State Building in a list of most impressive skyscrapers? Mention the very word “skyscraper” and this is what appears in many peoples’ heads. It’s not surprising, considering it only took a year and forty-five days to build; impressive considering that it measures about 437 metres!




Absolute World



Image courtesy of DeZeen Magazine


Absolute World in Mississauga, Canada, is comprised of two towers –  one having 56 floors and the other having 50 floors – and are used for residential purposes. What makes them impressive, however, is their shape; the way they twist and turn, they look like giant Slinkees! There are other skyscrapers that use a similar design choice, but Absolute World is the most eye-catching.




The Shard



Image courtesy ofLondonTheatre Direct


There are plenty of fantastic sights to see in London, but even then, the Shard, with its resemblance to a mystical fairy castle, manages to stand out. It’s the second tallest free-standing structure in the United Kingdom and the tallest building in the European Union. It has residential areas and offices but its most tantalising fixture is its observation deck which offers a magnificent view of London.




The Chrysler Building



Image courtesy ofTishmanSpeyer


With its Art Deco style and the view it offers, the Chrysler Building does manage to impress. In fact, it used to be the tallest building in the world thanks to the gigantic spire that was added at the top – before the Empire State Building was built. Although it may have lost its title to the Empire State Building, many would argue that it is by far the more impressive structure – especially at night when the intricate and beautiful lighting at the top of the spire can be admired in all its glory. 





Gareth Paul Barsby

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