New carpets for your floors – what you need to know

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Carpets have been used for centuries as a comfortable and practical flooring solution in homes and workplaces alike and still remain popular today.

Far from being driven out of the market by newer alternatives such as laminate and vinyl, the wide range of benefits they have to offer means carpets have stood their ground.

Literally arpets come in all colours, styles and patterns, from springy twist carpets to beautiful striped carpets. With so many types available, it can be difficult to whittle your choices down to just one.

Here are a few considerations that may help push the decision process along…

Why Carpet?

Firstly, why opt for carpet over other flooring solutions? Carpets help to create a ‘home sweet home’ feeling as they are warm, welcoming and comfortable underfoot. Their heat insulation qualities can help you make significant savings on your energy bills and they absorb noise and airborne pollutants.

Carpet is also a great choice for families with children. Not only do carpets provide a non-slip surface and have soft cushioning but they can also be stain resistant which is perfect for busy parents with messy little ones!

Which Material?

In addition to all the above advantages, carpets also look good. However, it’s important you choose the right one for your needs from an aesthetic and a functional point of view.

Its soft feel and luxurious touch has made wool one of the most popular fibres of carpet but it also gets top marks in the durability arena.

Which Style?

You should also think about the style of carpet you want.

Twist pile carpets are hardwearing and low maintenance, making them perfect for busy families. Loop pile carpets are a classic choice. They have a great texture and rival their twist pile counterparts when it comes to durability.

The sumptuous finish of deep, elegant Saxony carpets makes them perfect for bedrooms.

Which Design?

You can also choose patterned carpets, from floral to stripes, as well as traditional plain options.

If you want a room to make a statement and really stand out, the Chiswick striped carpet collection is bursting with inspiration. Patterns not only brighten up a room but also give your home character and reveal a fun, adventurous streak.


presented by Carpetright

Presented by Carpet Right

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