Property Projects – Barn Conversions

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Barn Conversions

Taking on a barn conversion sounds like no mean feat, but researching and obtaining the right information will help ease that daunting feeling every time you imagine living in your own part-built home. There is something quite beautiful about an old barn rejuvenated with modern materials – from a distance it retains its history integrity, whilst on closer inspection it proves to be a beautiful home, strategically palming its modern innards.




Many people are now taking on projects like this to add to UK wide property inventories from companies such as this gives you a solid income and return on investment from your outlay and by picking the right people to stay ones who will look after the property will make you a nice amount of money.


The First Step: Planners


The biggest problem you face is convincing the local planners that a barn conversion is a good idea. The government puts the local authorities under a lot of pressure to make use of these older buildings to maintain rural economy healthy. This sounds encouraging but barns are typically miles from schools and local amenities, which means they aren’t very sustainable.


Before You Buy


This sounds fairly obvious but you’d be amazed at how many people jump in without getting the nod for the go-ahead. If the barn hasn’t got change of use permission, look for a specialist to draw up conversion plans and talk with the local planning officer about them. Never lay out your cash until you get a 100% thumbs up – you may just end up with nothing more than a derelict barn.




Another aspect commonly overlooked is your basic practicalities. Being a barn, it previously may not have electricity, and it certainly won’t have gas or mains drainage. It will cost you a significant amount more of your budget to get hooked up if it’s situated miles across fields, away from civilisation.




This is another factor that could have a massive affect on your wallet. Is the barn structurally sound? If there are any signs – no matter how small – you will end up having to correct them and rebuild. These buildings weren’t built as homes for humans; they were essentially robust animal shelters, so you should seek an architect or builder about structure and where to insert extra doors and windows.




When it comes to design and function, you really shouldn’t skimp on price. Surprisingly, there isn’t a hub listing barn conversion experts, but your local surveyors should be able to recommend one.




If you think you have everything to make your build happen, obtain detailed pricing before you make the final steps in exchanging contracts. You will have to realistic and be prepared to spend out on quality materials. Try and work with your architect or builder in retaining the barn’s original character, as the planning office will only give you permission if it is in keeping with its surroundings.




Hopefully, with all the above in mind, you are now feeling a little hope in your venture. As long as you research, are realistic, and have a solid budget, there is no reason why you can’t make your venture happen, whether it’s a dream home or you are letting it out.

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