Pros and cons of unusual homes

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A unique home can often be a beautiful one, and for those who see an ordinary terraced house as a depressing place to live, something a little more out there can be just right.


If you own an unusual house you could be the envy of all, or seen as the weirdo who lives in the haunted mansion. Whatever the case, it’s your home so who cares what other people think? There are however some obvious pros and cons to a less than average property. And to keep this short and sweet, I’m going to mention two of each.


Con number 1: The design

You’ve recently bought a beautiful 19th century chapel. Lucky you. The views are fantastic and you can almost feel the history coursing through your veins as you walk around your new home. And then the bath arrives. Where do you put it? The plumbing’s broken in some places and non-existent in others. That’s okay; you can just knock a few walls down and add some. Except you can’t because its grade two listed and you’re not allowed to change a thing. See where I’m going with this? Beautiful chapel, rich with history, and you’ve had to move your bathroom to the front door because that’s the only place where you can plumb it in to working pipes.


Con number 2: The tourist attraction

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Imagine it. You’re sitting in your perfect new home on a lazy Sunday morning. The cat/dog/parrot is sleeping peacefully; you’ve got a hot mug of coffee with you, and then the next minute there’s a bang on the door.

You open it, and there’s a group of tourists with cameras around their necks, asking if this building is open to the public, and if they can take a few photos.

If you’re a people person then hey this might be great, but if not then the constant stream of flashing cameras may start to get annoying very quickly.


This has all been rather negative; so lets mention some positives.


Pro number 1: Your house will never be boring. Ever.


Seems obvious, but think of all the people who wake up to see the same square rooms with the same bog standard windows and walk though the same ordinary layout. You will never be one of those suckers. Even on a miserable grey day, your house will be an extravagant star surrounded by much much less interesting stars.


Pro number 2:  The history


Now this is dependant on the house, but a lot unusual homes are unusual because of their age. You could be living in a converted factory, an old mill, or a 17th Century barn. Whatever the look or location, history is something you can’t buy in a shop, and living in a home where dozens of other families have lived is truly something special.


So if you love attention, love challenges, and love history, chances are you’ll love the hundreds of unique and unusual homes scattered all around the globe, and maybe you’ll even end up living in one. Maybe you already do.


Harriet Blake


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