Revealed: The UKs unluckiest house number

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If you live on 166 Green Way then it is probably time that you increase the cover under your home insurance policy. Research from a leading comparison website has found that 166 is the unluckiest house number in the UK while Green Way in the unluckiest street at least in terms of home insurance claims.

More home insurance claims have been made by those living at number 166 than any other property, as we see next.

South of England has highest number of home insurance claims

Research by has found that over a fifth (21.9 per cent) of home insurance customers living at number 166 have made a claim in the last five years. The second most unlucky house number is 227,with 21.5 per cent of householders living at this number making a home claim.

In the Scottish Borders door number 7 is unluckiest while it is number 60 in Central Scotland and the East of England. 93 is the unluckiest number in London while if you live in Yorkshire or the South you should be wary if you live at number 100.

If you live in the southern part of the country such as Portsmouth and Southampton you may want to take extra care protecting your home. The research found that this region has the highest number of home insurance claims in Britain at 28 per cent.

Unluckiest road names

There search also found that Green Way is Britain’s unluckiest road name, with over a quarter (27.6 per cent) of those living on this road making a claim on their buildings insurance or contents insurance in the last five years.

Hill Road is the country’s second unluckiest road name with 23.4 percent of residents having made home claims in the past five years, and Bradford Avenue ranks third, with 22.9 per cent.

This is followed by Beechwood Avenue, Kingston Road, Cecil Road, Western Avenue, Marsh Lane, Woodside Road and Balmoral Road.

Gareth Lane, home insurance expert at, says: “As a person looking to buy a house in the near future I’ll think twice about moving into 166 Green Way!

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