Sexy Bedrooms The Secret To Intimacy

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If you’re like most people, you’ll be making the effort to ensure the new year isnt a complete drag. New year, new you! And while you’re at it, revamping your bedroom so its a sexy and intimate retreat instead of just the room you sleep in is a way to inspire change inside and outside those black silk sheets. 


Sexy bedrooms


But getting the bedroom look and feel right going to improve your love life

Getting the mood right is going to be easier with the right look and feel , it makes sense that a bright stark white over lit bedroom may not be conducive to getting intimate with your partner. But what exactly makes for a sexy bedroom escape? Well, it depends on who you ask. If you were to ask a narcissist, they’d likely tell you that mirrors were the key to spicing up your sleeping quarters. If you ask a rugged mans man, they’d tell you oak does the trick. And if you’re consulting with a career driven fashionista, candles are king.



Of course there are elements to creating a sexy bedroom atmosphere without traveling into the hyper niche arena of whips and chains or hyper tacky framed pictures of playboy playmates.


Spare no expense on when it comes to comfort. Buy high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets and invest in ultra-comfortable duvet and blanket sets.Whoever told you that comfort wasn’t sexy was dead wrong. You’ll thank me when you finally invite him or her to spend the night, and the warmest and most comfortable place in your entire apartment is between your expensive and insanely comfortable sheets. Perfect for lazy Sundays indoors, turn your bedroom into a sexy weekend retreat just by vamping up the comfort factor.


Red, of course, has a lot of connotations. Passion, fire, and romance all falling under that umbrella. Whether that is in the form of red sheets,pillows, art, or even accent walls a little red in the bedroom could definitely inspire a couple of heated rounds between the sheets. Get your subconscious skills of seduction going by putting out some red accessories to trigger a strictly primal response.


 Red Sexy Bedrooms


Okay I admit, silk is a tough one. Yeah, it can look really slick and feel totally awesome against bare skin, but the slippage is enough of a pain to nix the finicky fabric altogether. But purely based on the atmosphere silk sheets can create, well call it a sexy accessory for a romantic bedroom enclave.There’s just something about the fact that silk sheets are always cold and so unlike your everyday Tesco bedsheets.




Mood lighting
The thought of getting intimate under the garish fluorescent lights of your everyday bedroom lighting setup is the least sexy thing I could possibly think of. Ditch your default lighting and get acquainted with warmer more expressive moods. You can, of course, buy bulbs in different colours (oranges, reds) or even install a dimmer light function could go a long way in setting a sexy mood for your new intimate bedroom.




Author : Nick Marr


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