Single Smart Socket

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Twin pack
The Plug-in Smart Socket with surge protection is an appliance level Smart Meter and Control System built into a useful single socket adapter. It is designed to be used as part of our Energy Management System and is ideally suited for use within an office environment. Simply plug in devices such as your PC, monitor, speakers, Blackberry charger, etc, and the Smart Socket will send information to the Energy Manager about how much energy they are consuming every second.

• Measures energy consumed by attached devices in real-time
• Ideal for measuring consumption of individual devices or staff members
• Sends a real-time reading of power consumed every 10 seconds to our Energy Manager
• Simple wireless installations – plug in and go. Ideal for use in an office under a desk.
• Remotely controllable by our Energy Manager to allow it to switch on and off


£121.99 (inc. VAT – P&P)


• Report of the power being consumed to the nearest 0.1W every 10 seconds (or slower if so configured) to the Energy Manager
• Local control – simply press the red button to switch the unit on and off
• Controllable (on and off) from the Energy Manager to automatically shut your PCs down each night or turn devices off remotely
• 13A maximum with surge protection
• Encrypted communications for secure operation
• Mesh networking for excellent range
• Unique serial number embedded in each product for identification on network

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