Stone Flooring – A great way to increase the value of your home

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Stone Flooring
Stone flooring is naturally and timelessly beautiful, and there is no better way to achieve luxurious look in your home. It is surprising how many types of stone flooring are on the market these days, (check out for some top end Stone Flooring) from high end marble to hard-wearing slate. It is also a versatile material which can be used throughout the home, from bathroom and kitchen areas through to conservatories and even bedrooms. This guide gives you an insight into the most effective and dramatic flooring you can buy.

This material lends a sophisticated look to any interior, and is extremely hard-wearing as it is harder than limestone. It is a sedimentary rock formed in water which is high in calcium carbonate, and is mined extensively in Italy. Particularly suited to bathrooms, it can in fact be used anywhere in the home, as it comes in an array of warming mellow colours. It contains pitted cavities which can either be left unfilled for an aged look or filled with grout and polished for a stylish result.

Similar to travertine but without the holes, limestone is perfect for traditional or contemporary interiors. Found throughout the world, this hard-wearing material even covers the Egyptian pyramids, which is testament to its durability. It comes in an array of hues from the lightest ivory to sleek black, and a variety of textures from the polished look to the characterful tumbled version with rustic rounded edges.

Most people think of marble as the most luxurious floor covering you can buy, and it well deserves this reputation. A metamorphic rock formed from limestone with distinctive swirls of colour, it is undeniably beautiful in any setting. Its intricate detailing is achieved from crystals fusing together, with impurities in the rock creating the classic marbled lines, with many colours to suit any setting. It can be polished for a high shine finish, or tumbled in drums to soften and age the edges and surfaces.

Slate has been used for centuries as a durable material both inside and outside. Its versatility means that it looks good in contemporary homes, but is also perfect for more traditional interiors. A definite plus point is its economy, being the cheapest stone floor covering available. This does not detract from its good looks by any means, and it is an incredibly popular choice. Its varieties include brushed, honed and riven, and it suits kitchens and bathrooms extremely well, giving a rustic aspect.

Mosaic flooring is timeless and classical, providing a unique appearance to any floor. It can be created from any number of natural materials including limestone and marble, and tumbled or riven to achieve the desired look. Often seen in bathrooms and wet rooms, mosaic tiles can be used to complete that spa style look within any home.
It is always essential to choose the most appropriate grout for whichever natural material is chosen, and grout comes in many complementary colours and textures to achieve the right impression. Donít forget to choose the correct professional sealing for your floor, as this can ensure the longest lasting finish in demanding environments and protects and maintains the stoneís natural beauty. Any decision to install a stone floor will undoubtedly enhance not only the appearance of your home, but it is a sound investment guaranteed to last for many years. This is always important these days when considering the saleability of your home and its desirability for prospective purchasers.

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