The benefits of buying new

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New Homes

Between 2009 to 2010, only 115,000 new houses were built inEngland. And with the UKs population growing with each passing month,procedures are being put in place to build more homes. In fact, the Governmenthas pledged to build 100,000 new homes over the next three years, which meanslots of opportunities for people to buy a brand new home for themselves andtheir family. a property developer based inBedfordshire, has thousands of brand new houses and apartments for sale rightnow, a vast number of which qualify for many of theGovernments new Help to Buy and NewBuy schemes.

Bowman Mews is one such development to lookat. Based in Stamford in Lincolnshire, this beautiful collection of 45 newhouses and apartments is close to the centre of this picturesque town. Thegated community comprises of 3 & 4 bedroom houses and 2 bedroom apartments.Located at the site of the former Bowman stone masons, every property on thedevelopment has been built to be sensitive to the sites heritage.

There are many clear advantages to buying a new propertyfrom 10 year warranties to the ability to change the decor and design of yournew home before its even been built, its worth looking into buying brand new.

One of the biggest advantages of buying a brand new home isthat there wont be any repairs required. Walls, skirting boards, laminate woodflooring and carpets will all be brand new, free from any dirt, stains,minimising the need to repainting or redecorating as soon as you get the keysto your new home.

A lot of new homes come with a 10 year warranty from theNational House–Building Council (NHBC), covering you for a variety of things,even before building is completed.

Pre-completioninsolvency cover

     Providing you with full protection if your builderbecomes insolvent after exchange of contracts.

Cover for the firsttwo years after completion

     This ensures that your housing developer or builder isresponsible for fixing right certain damage and defects within the first twoyears.

Cover for most partsof the home in years 3 to 10 of ownership

     For the remainder of your 10 year cover, the NHBCwarranty covers the cost of fixing any damage caused by a defect in specifiedareas of the home such as damage to floors, staircases, roofs, drains, windowsand doors

One of the key benefits of buying a new home is the abilityto purchase a house with a relatively small deposit. The Governments Help toBuy scheme requires just a 5% deposit, for example.

For homes that are still in the process of being built, youwill often have the chance to influence decor in the house and in some cases,even the design of the building. Some property developers may allow you tochange the position of doors, cupboards, work surfaces in the kitchen and more.The volume of changes allowed will depend on how far along the building processis.

So from new Government initiatives, to arriving in your newhome without the need to fix problems and redecorate, these are just some ofthe many advantages to buying new when it comes to your next home.

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