The Best Way To Get Divorce Leads For Real Estate Property

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Divorce is never easy. It is an emotional roller-coaster and a stressful time for all the parties involved. Most couples that are splitting apart will be forced to sell their home for personal, financial, or legal reasons. The house likely holds a lot of the couple’s equity and is usually their greatest asset. Fortunately, real estate investors are there to help dispose of the property.

How to Get Divorce Leads for Real Estate Property

If you are a real estate investor, you probably wonder about which is the best way to get divorce leads for real estate property. Simply put, the best approach for a real estate investor to find divorce leads from Foreclosures Daily, for real estate property is using divorce filing lists.

Divorce filing lists are a highly valuable but lesser utilized form of lead generation for real estate investors, agents, as well as other related businesses. It is what makes them excellent sources of deal flow, with far less competition, while providing a truly high value service to the divorcing couple.

Why Use Divorce Filing Lists?

Divorce filings, just like vacant property, bankruptcy, and foreclosure lists signal a form of distress and people that need the services of a real estate investor. It applies whether you are flipping houses, doing wholesale real estate, building a portfolio of rental properties, or simply lending your private capital.

Divorce and separations create multiple housing needs. The parties involved are usually highly motivated to take quick action. At the very least, somebody is probably moving out of a home that he or she previously shared with their spouse.

If adult children, parents, or in-laws are living in that home, they may have to go their way too. Just a single lead can turn into many opportunities for helping people while earning fair compensation in the process. If you serve these people well during this crisis, you can win their business for life too.

Why Is It Advisable to Sell the Home in a Divorce?

The first thought that comes to people going through divorce is usually to try to fight for the home. After all, they invested a lot in it one way or another. It might have a great deal of significance in their lives. Unfortunately, despite the initial impulses, it is usually advisable to sell fast instead.

Even if you do win the house, it might come at great cost. You might have to give up of many other things for it. You might actually find yourself unable to afford it only to find that staying there just brings painful memories.

In the end, the property becomes an emotional and financial drain. Most of the equity is burned up and it can easily get lost to foreclosure in the subsequent years. Selling immediately helps give both parties a fresh start as well as the funds to do it.


Other Properties Affected in a Divorce

The divorcing couple’s family home is usually not the only property that has to be sold off during a divorce or separation. Other properties that may be affected include:

Homes that the couple cosigned on

Business property

Equestrian property and vineyards

Rental properties

Vacation homes

The divorcing couple’s second home

All these other properties can further add to the value of a single divorce lead as well as the ways you can help everyone involved.

Who Should You Contact in a Divorce?

As a real estate professional, you can contact either of the divorcing parties or their respective lawyers. If divorce lawyers are already involved, they can help provide legal guidance regarding what can and cannot be sold and when. If you are able to reach the owners of the property before they file for divorce, you will have a lot more options and flexibility.

How to Use Divorce Lists to Find Real Estate Leads

Divorce s is obvious a very sensitive situation. It should never be an opportunity for real estate investors to squeeze the distressed property owners into selling out cheap. It is, however, an excellent chance to help them. Divorce provides an opportunity to serve and offer value. Getting the property sold at a fair price can be part of that.

The divorcing parties are already hurting. You will probably have to reduce the stress and bickering if you wish to pull off a deal instead of adding to the fire. It is important to be very careful about how you contact them. You obviously don’t want to knock on their door and announce that you know that they are divorcing in front of children that might actually not know it yet. Texts, mail, social media, and phone work best.

How Can You Find Divorce Filing Leads?

You will often find divorce notices typically published in local newspapers. You can find these either in print or online. Family law and divorce lawyers can be excellent referral sources for divorce filing leads. You might even encounter some of their members of staff when searching through public records.

If you would like to have a consistent number of leads, a reliable income, as well as the best return on investment on your time, it can be a good idea to find software, and databases that can scrape divorce filing lists and automate the entire process.

The Bottom Line

Divorce is never an easy time for everyone involved. As a real estate professional, you can make it your duty to ensure that the sale goes smoothly. The divorcing couple will be glad that they are able to sell the house quickly and you get a quality lead. It is a win-win situation for all.

Unfortunately, it is not very easy to find divorcing couples, which is why you need to use the information provided here to find divorce filing leads. Use the information provided here to find the best divorce leads for real estate and grow your business while offering a valuable service to people who are facing one of the most difficult times of their lives.


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