The Ultimate Private Estate

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They’re still much more common in America but have proliferated in the UK over the last century, following the construction of the St George Hill golf club in Weybridge in 1912, and the gated idyll around it that has since been home John Lennon, Didier Drogba and Kate Winslet. Private estates offer the secluded beauty that comes from living in the countryside at the same time as security, a sense of community and amazing sports facilities. The perfect estate offers more than even the most brilliantly situated country house ever could and we’ve got a recipe for the ultimate luxury community:

  1. High quality racquet sports

St Georges Hill in Weybridge boasts 32 tennis courts and one of just two of the country’s glass squash show courts, as well as residents including Theo Paphitis and Shilpa Shetty.

  1. First class golf

Moor Park, Northwood, is buttressed by three golf clubs, which have hosted the English Senior Women’s and Hertfordshire Stag tournaments. Two were designed by Harry Colt.

  1. World-famous wildlife

The 400 houses in Burwood Park, Hersham are surrounded by what used to be Henry VIII’s own private deer park. Today it contains one of England’s oldest oak trees as well as over 150 different species of wild birds and animals.

  1. Excellent horticulture

Purley’s Webb estate features Poplar trees, silver birches and rose-lined avenues in grounds which were landscaped immaculately by their founder before construction of houses was allowed to begin in 1888.

  1. Exceptionally good food

The Wentworth Estate in Virginia Water has a country club owned by restaurateur Richard Caring, and has Le Caprices signature dishes on its menu.

  1. Impressive history

The properties in Claremont Park, Esher, were built on the grounds of Clive of India’s country house, which was frequently visited by Queen Victoria as a child.

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Hannah Wilkinson

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