Tips for decorating your small space

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While it’s always nice to find a great home at a great price, realizingthat some of the spaces may be a little cramped is always stress inducing.We’ve all been there. You view the house and by the time you move in, suddenlythe walls seem like they’re closer together and the windows about two feetshorter. Well, have no fear. Decorating your small space just got easier. 



Organization is the key to any successful operation. When working withsmall spaces, keeping your corners tidy and uncluttered can go a long waytoward opening up your space. Organizational pieces such as wicker baskets andplastic crates can prove themselves to be both functional and ornamental andwill help keep you from going insane! 



Balancing out the room is important. Whether you’re working withhardwood floors or carpet, an area rug can always help tie a room together.Pick a colour scheme and decide what type of area rug can liven up your space.Leaving your floors bare is a rookie mistake. Shopping around for the perfectrug can be difficult, but finding it can be oh so rewarding. 



Don’t forget about art! Choosing what pieces to frame and add to a roomcan be painstaking. If it’s a communal area, you want something light and funthat won’t rub anyone the wrong way. One great art idea is a book cover orvintage movie poster that everyone likes. Recently, my flatmate purchased agreat big Alfred Hitchcock ‘Vertigo’ poster to go in the living room. It looksgreat, and it opens the room right up. One great idea is looking intostudent art. Student artists are coming out with some of the coolest art outthere and buying some wont break the bank.


Accent pieces: 

Just because you have your couch, coffee table, and lamp all set updoesn’t mean you’re done with decorating. It’s the small accent pieces thatoften add character to your room. Charity shops and consignment stores aregreat for picking up little knick knacks that can add little pops of humour and livliness into the room. Choosing accent pieces withpops of colour like a bright yellow vase makes your room seem more inviting andcosy (as long as you don’t go overboard). 



Plant life: 

Gets some plant life going in your small space! You don’t have tosuddenly start buying fresh flowers every week to put in your living room.While flowers are lovely, they’re not sustainable. Having plant life in theroom, however, adds a much needed burst of life into a small space. If greenisn’t a major part of your colour scheme, having some leafy tendrils in a seaof white or black or beige is a lovely little treat for the eyes. For longevitysake, buying plants like Heather, cacti, ferns, or even orchids can be a goodinvestment in the aesthetic of your room.


Nick Marr

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