Top 5 Super Tiny Houses

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They say that good things come in small packages, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the ‘Tiny House’ or ‘Small House’ movement. The idea behind this movement is to live in a house measuring less than 1,000 square feet, some even on wheels. Why? Because it’s more affordable. It can be more environmentally-friendly. And it gives you the opportunity to build your own home


This movement has received a fairly big push in recent years; the recession has inspired people to look for cheaper homes, and the movement has even gained a 2014 TV programme – Tiny House Nation – which shows off significant tiny houses and even aids in the construction of them.


That show revealed some interesting tiny houses, and that is also what this article intends to do, showcasing how this movement can inspire an active and creative mind and how a small living space can still hold many surprises. Out of all the tiny houses out there, these are five of the most curious and interesting.



1. Casa de Penedo, Portugal


Imagecourtesy of Feliciano Guimares

It may bear more than a passing resemblance to the Flintstones’ residence, but the Stone House in the Portuguese Fafe Mountains is still an impressive sight to behold. The property utilises four large boulders to make up its foundation, and though it might look ancient, it does come with a swimming pool. This home has been a significant tourist attraction and was even featured in a Portuguese film called Moon.





2. Tumbleweed Tiny Houses


Imagecourtesy of Tumbleweed Houses

Tumbleweed Houses is an American service by which customers can receive their very own tiny home, be it ready-made or one they could build themselves (sadly, they only ship in North America and Canada). The houses come in many eye-catching designs, from the rustic Elm to the more contemporary Mica, and each house includes a bedroom and a bathroom.





3. Gypsy Wagon in the Woods


Image courtesy of Inhabitat

This tiny home would certainly be a relaxing and homely place to live, given its fantasy-esque architecture and woodland location – looking at it, one would expect the Big Bad Wolf to pop out any minute. This home is made from a mixture of new and recycled materials, it even has a window made from a picnic table top!





4. S-House That Costs £2,500


Imagecourtesy of Humble Homes

Vietnam currently faces a housing crisis, and that is where Vo Tron Nghia Architects come in, for they have recently created a prototype for an S House, a house made from pre-cast concrete that costs as little as £2,500/$4,000.





5. Truck-A-Texture

Imagecourtesy of Design Boom


Nebraskan non-profit organisation Kaneko showcased a selection of small living areas from June to August 2014. Some of these included the “Pneumad”, an inflatable room that can fit into a small trailer, and anaero-mobile which rests on a Taylor Dunn truck.




Gareth Paul Barsby

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