What are Fixtures and Fittings?

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Fixtures and fittings are items on a property. Fixtures are the items that cannot be removed, and attempting to do so may result in damage. Fittings, on the flip side, are items that are removable.

The following are examples of fixtures:

• Tiles

• Wardrobes

• Fireplaces etc.

• Kitchen Cabinets

Examples of fittings are:

• Mirrors

• Curtains

• Carpets

• Flower Vases

• Window Coverings

• Light Bulbs

Some tenants are blasé about the fixtures and fittings in the house, as they just want to have somewhere to rest their heads, But, if you want to enjoy the property and have value for your money doing so, then it is important to be thorough. To ultimately avoid unpalatable situations, ask specifically about these items and thoroughly inspect them before going into any form of tenancy agreement. A good rapport with your landlord will go a long way in making you comfortable and satisfied, in other words, be nice. Naturally, the landlord is liable for all costs incurred on repairing facilities on the property.

Regardless of who your landlord is, make sure the tenancy agreement you go for is the one that best represents your interests, and also ensure that you get value for your money. Be careful of the “cowboys”.

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