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Share on Google+ is a property website with the focus on exploring the latest ways property marketing takes place within the UK. They help direct visitors to the latest information and provide articles and reviews to help them make sensible decisions.
  was setup in July 2006 just after the founder of the site, moved house for the 3rd time.

Strictly speaking it’s a hobby site that has expanded into a site with a large following. It’s grown into a site where they independently look at the current market as the “man on the street” and review latest trends and how the market changes from a home owner’s perspective. As you can imagine the last 4 years have been an adventurous ride for any business in the housing market.

The site has been particularly interested to see how Sarah Beeny’s Tepilo site works out and  is fully convinced that sooner than later the way the UK sell houses will change somewhat.

Innovations site will hit a “tipping point” where the latest generation of buyers are so computer savvy
that they will expect to sell directly through Social media contact and other direct ways. At that point yourrightmove think it will never be the same again in the UK’s housing market.

Meanwhile they hasten to add that there will always be room for estate agents, they just think their market share will change dramatically in the coming years.

Originally was just a few articles that described the experiences and difficulties (and frustrations) that you go through when moving house. From speaking to others, they recognised it  was an experience common in the UK.

In the last few years the site was redesigned and currently gets several updates a month along with thousands of UK visitors. Recent articles on the latest property Apps for the iPhone and iPad have been a popular

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