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RentScore Pricing

RentScore Basic

  • Hassle-free rent collection
  • Payments recorded with Experian
  • Late payments can adversely affect a tenant's credit history
Monthly Rent
Monthly Fee
£1 - £1,499 £9.99
£1,500 - £2,499 £19.99
£2,500 - £3,749 £39.99
£3,750 - £5,000 £59.99

Includes 2 tenants - £2 per additional tenant

For rents above £5,000, price on application.

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RentScore Plus

  • Everything from RentScore Basic
  • Rent protection with Zero excess
  • Eviction covered
  • Up to £100,000 legal cover
  • Post eviction, 75% rent coverage until let (max 2 months)
Monthly Rent
Monthly Fee
£1 - £1,499 £19.99
£1,500 - £2,499 £34.99
£2,500 - £3,749 £54.99
£3,750 - £5,000 £79.99

Includes 2 tenants - £2 per additional tenant

For rents above £5,000, price on application

0333 300 3404

Mon-Fri | 9:00-17:30

no more late payments

Incentivise On-Time Rental Payments

Why will your tenants pay on time?

They improve their credit history if they do

They risk harming their credit history if they don't

hassle free rent collection

RentScore Plus protects your rent.

  • Pays unpaid rent in the event your tenant can't or won't pay.
  • Zero Excess.
  • Cover includes up to £100,000 for legal expenses should a tenant need evicting.
  • Post eviction, 75% rent coverage until let (max 2 months).

no more late payments

Who uses RentScore

HMO landlords
  • Multiple rental payments made easy.
  • No more late payments.
  • No more admin and reconciliations.
Private landlords
  • Professional rent collection using Direct Debit.
  • Same power as large financial institutions.
  • Payments processed same day.

The RentScore Process


Rental data is now appearing on Experian Statutory Credit Reports available from here.
Please note that the data will not be on the following Experian services until later in the year: Credit Expert and Credit Matcher.

How does it work?

apply online in minutes

1. Call Us Or Apply Online In Minutes.

Simply fill out your details on our short online form.

we set-up rentscore with your tenants

2. We Set-Up RentScore with Your Tenants.

We contact your tenants to set-up their secure Direct Debit rent payments with RentScore.

you receive your rent

3. You Receive Your Rent!

Each time your tenant pays we process the payment on the same day and record the payment with Experian.

Eleanor Carrol

A helpful phone call by an employee within hours of listing the advert, explaining the services.

2 weeks ago

Steve Freathy

It's easy to list your property on a very professional site with these guys.

1 month ago

Teresa Gray

Very easy to use, all encompassing website, reducing the cost for landlords. Highly recommend.

1 month ago

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100% Safe & Secure will ensure that your rent payments are received safely, securely and on time.

All bank account details are encrypted and payments are securely processed into a protected NatWest account - giving you peace of mind.


The RentScore Benefits

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"RentScore takes the uncertainty out of the rental payment process and helps renters to build their credit file by registering their payments with Experian."

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"It will help to encourage on-time rental payments from the tenants, whilst offering them the facility to build their credit file."

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"Any positive movement in a customer's Experian score has the potential to improve our view of a customer."

Frequently Asked Questions

RentScore removes the hassle of processing rental payments and helps you incentivise on-time payments from your tenants by giving you the same power as the big financial institutions. Because your tenants’ rental payments are reflected on their credit reports, they have an added incentive to make sure they pay on time and in full, each and every month. You can also use RentScore as an added bonus when marketing your property to tenants – letting applicants know that they can enhance their credit history just by paying their rent will make your property even more attractive!
RentScore is an innovative payment processing tool that gives landlords the same power as big financial institutions. When you sign up with RentScore, we handle all rental payment processing and report your tenants’ rent payments to leading credit rating agency Experian (the UK’s largest Credit Reference Agency). Not only do you benefit by removing the hassle of payment processing, but you also incentivise your tenants to make on-time payments each month. Late or missed payments will be recorded negatively on your tenants’ credit report, making it even more important for them pay on time and in full, each and every month.
RentScore Plus is a rent protection insurance policy exclusive to
When tenants can't or won't pay landlords are protected. Not only from rent arrears but the legal expenses element of the policy will cover them for evicting the tenant. The great thing about RentScore Plus is that there's no excess to pay.
Landlords also benefit from having 75% of the monthly rent paid for up to two months after an eviction. What's more they are covered for up to £100,000 for legal expenses should a tenant need to be evicted
When you sign up with RentScore, we contact your tenants and set up a recurring payment according to the amount and due date you specify. When your tenants make a payment, the money is immediately stored in a secure, ring-fenced client account and then transferred to you via direct bank transfer.
We can only transfer your rental payment once we receive the money from your tenants. This is why we strongly recommend that all our landlords opt for direct debit payments, that we offer at no extra cost, to ensure there is no delay receiving your rent. You can still use a standing order if you prefer, but you may experience some delay in receiving your rent. Your tenants will likely prefer to use a Direct Debit as well due to the fact that any delayed or late payment will be recorded on their credit report.
Put simply, yes – but let us explain why. All payments made via RentScore are processed through a secure, bank grade encrypted service to ensure that your money and your details are always safe. When your tenants make a payment, it is immediately stored in a secure, ringfenced client account. This is totally separate from our business funds account, so if anything ever happened to negatively impact our business, your rent payments are 100% protected. We take data protection and our customer’s online security incredibly seriously – we adhere to best practices for data protection and go above and beyond to ensure our clients’ details are safe.
Simply give us a call on 0333 300 3404 anytime Mon-Fri | 9:00-17:30 and a member of our team will be happy to help. If you need to get hold of us outside of office hours, simply send an email to and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.
You will need to make sure that you select whether you are interested in ResntScore standard or ResntScore HMO, and you will need to decide whether you want ResntScore Basic or ResntScore Plus. You can then use the pricing tables to work out how much ResntScore will cost you.

You can find detailed pricing information for the ResntScore service at the top of this page.

The fee you pay for RentScore is automatically deducted from your tenants’ rental payment before it is transferred to your account. So you don’t need to worry about making payments online for your RentScore subscription.
Our basic RentScore service is a simple Rent Collection service that offers the added benefit of registering tenants rental payments with Experian to incentivise on-time payments.

RentScore Plus, on the other hand, includes our top-notch Rent Protection Insurance, along with all the features of the RentScore Basic service.

Our Rent Protection Insurance will cover you for unpaid rent up to £15,000 per month, legal expenses of up to £100,000 per claim to help cover the cost of eviction, plus 75% rent coverage for up to 2 months post-eviction to allow you the time to find new tenants.
HMO stands for ‘Houses of Multiple Occupation’ and describes a rental property which is let to 3 or more people who are not from 1 ‘household’, but share facilities like the bathroom and kitchen. Tenants in an HMO property will typically have separate tenancy agreements for each room that they rent out.

RentScore for HMO offers all the benefits of our RentScore rent collection service but is tailored to suit HMO landlords. The pricing structure for RentScore HMO is different to our standard RentScore service, to ensure that HMO landlords get good value for money from the service.

If you are an HMO landlord – then RentScore for HMO is the perfect rent collection service for you!

Super-Powered Rent

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