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If you’re interested in taking out Tenant Contents Insurance to protect your personal belongings, there are 7 eligibility questions that one of our specialists will go through with you during the quotation process. For example, we will need to know if the property or the land belonging to it has been flooded in the past 10 years. You will need to answer these questions to the best of your knowledge and you will be required to update us if you discover relevant information regarding the eligibility questions at a later date.
Yes, you can indeed take out contents insurance if you live in a shared property, as long as all applicants for the policy are named on the tenancy agreement. We will need to know how many people are living in the property and you can have up to 2 named applicants on the policy. You cannot take out a contents insurance policy to protect just your belongings if you live in a shared house, instead, you will need to take out a policy that covers all belongings in the property. Speak to one of our specialists to find out more about contents insurance for shared properties and discover what your options are.
We have 4 levels of blanket cover for you to choose from, from £20,000 up to £50,000, so you don’t need to work out the exact amount of cover you will need. We have a contents insurance calculator form that can help you work out how much your belongings are worth, so you can use this to get a rough estimate for the amount of cover you will need. You can do this based entirely on your own knowledge, so you won’t need one of our specialists to help you fill it in. If you have any particularly valuable items that you want to protect, for example an expensive watch or valuable jewellery, you can list these as specific items on your policy.
The exact cost of your policy will depend on a number of factors which our specialists will go through with you during the quotation process. But our contents insurance policies start from as little as £9 per month.
Our Contents Insurance will cover you for loss or damage to items kept in your garden or the grounds of your property up to a maximum claim value of £1,000. There are some specific circumstances where we can’t provide cover for items kept in your garden, for example any loss or damage caused as a result of storm or flood.
Yes, but you will only be able to claim for a maximum of £500 for any cash kept in the property. You can also claim up to £500 for the unauthorised use of any credit cards. However, we cannot cover any money or credit cards held in your home that are used for business, trade or professional purposes.
Our Contents Insurance comes with accidental damage cover as standard which includes the following: Accidental breakage of mirrors, ceramic hobs, or any glass that forms part of your belongings. We also cover accidental damage to televisions, video and audio equipment, computer equipment, games consoles and to any aerials or satellite dishes.
When you need to make a claim you should first check your Policy booklet and your Policy Certificate to make sure that the event is covered by your policy. You should then call the claims helpline number found on your Insurer Schedule. It will be helpful if you can make sure you have as much detail as possible about the event and have your details and your policy number on hand and ready to go. We will then collect all the information we need to process your claim and talk you through the process.
Yes, we can arrange your policy up to 30 days in advance to match the start of your new tenancy - so it's one less thing for you to worry about come moving day! In fact, our policy will even cover your belongings against any loss or accidental damage while they are being moved by professional movers from your old home to your new home (provided it is located in the UK). However, there are some instances where we can’t provide cover, for example any loss or damage while your belongings are in storage or being moved from storage.
Yes, as long as the conditions of your policy have been met, you will be insured against any theft – even if it is by a housemate.

We Want to Let You Know

Our Contents Insurance is designed to cover unforeseen events, but it doesn't cover every eventuality. For example, theft and malicious damage or vandalism is not covered unless force or violence is used to get in or out of your home. Our standard policy will also provide cover for your Landlord's fixtures and fittings against fire, theft, flood and escape of water. However, if you require accidental damage cover for these items, you will need to select the 'Accidental Damage' option when setting up your policy. For a full list of what is and isn't covered, simply read through or download a copy of our Policy Booklet.