Frequently Asked Questions
about Tenant Liability Insurance

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While tenant liability insurance is not mandatory, there are a large number of landlords who will ask tenants to take out liability cover as a condition of renting out their property. You will need to check your tenancy agreement or rental contract to see if your landlord requires Tenant Liability Insurance cover as part of your agreement.
Tenant liability insurance provides up to £5,000 worth of cover in the event of Accidental Damage to the landlord’s property caused by you. Usually you would be liable for this damage as part of your tenancy agreement, but with tenant liability insurance you can protect your deposit and your landlord’s property. Landlords look favourably on tenants who are willing to take out liability insurance – so it could also improve your chances of securing a rental property.
Property Guard provide our Tenants Liability cover. In the event of a claim they should be contacted on 0345 604 9791.
In the event of a claim a £100 excess will apply.
There's a 14 day cooling off period from the start of the policy. In the event of cancellation, a full pro-rata refund will be given if no claim has been made.
Tenants have 30 days from when the accidental damage occurred to notify the insurer of a potential claim.
In the event of a claim, the insurer will choose to either replace the landlord’s damaged property as new, pay for the cost of replacing the damaged item as new, or pay for the cost of repairing the item, depending on the exact circumstances of the claim.

We Want to Let You Know

As with all insurance policies there are circumstances when cover can't be offered or a claim paid. For example, any loss or damage caused by fire, storm and/or flood or malicious damage and vandalism. These are only examples. For full details of what's covered and what's not covered please read our Tenant's Liability policy booklet. Alternatively you can find further information in our Tenant's Liability policy summary.