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Having the right agent when selling or letting your property can make all the difference. Using independent property sales data, we can help you make an informed decision to choose the most suitable agent for you.
Selling or letting your property is an important decision. We advise you to request valuations from multiple agents to see the difference on what they each say.

An overpriced property sticks out and can sit on the market for a long period which can be a frustrating process. Local agents will know the housing market in their area and will give good advice on what price you should expect.

Tips for selling your home

For tips to help you successfully sell your home, check out our Seller blog. It's full of great information and tips to help you on your selling journey.

Estate agent fees

The majority of local high street estate agents work out their fee as a percentage of the sale price.

Agency fees can typically range from 1% to 2.5%. To avoid confusion, you should always clarify if the actual fees quoted are inclusive of VAT. …more

Estate agent contracts

Contacts will vary from agent to agent and are all negotiable based on your wants and needs. If you wanted to market your property privately alongside an agent then a Sole Agency Contract is for you. To find out more please check out our blog

Can I use more than one agent?

Yes, you can! You can enter into a Joint Agency Agreement, where two agencies have to agree on the terms as well as you. Or you can choose a Multi-Agency Agreement, where you can instruct as many agencies that you like in the sale.

How to complain about an agent

All estate agents must belong to one of the following redress schemes to deal with complaints:

The Property Ombudsman
The Ombudsman Service
Property Redress Scheme