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You will get an estimation of the sale or the rental value with a minimum and maximum.
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Free property valuations

Use our free property valuation service to help you find the true value of your property. Our valuation engine analyses your property based on a number of factors and ...more

House valuation for Remortgage

TheHouseShop offer a valuation service that is used by homeowners looking to re-mortgage. Achieving a valuation could reveal the amount of equity in a property. ...more

Find the true value of your property

Completely free - No obligation
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How much Is my house worth using Land Registry?

When you are trying to find out what your property is worth, the search tool featured on the Land Registry is another useful resource. You will find the latest monthly residential property price data for all of the transactions in England and Wales.

Free house valuation from estate agents

Use our handy online comparison tool to compare the best estate agents in your area and receive a free professional valuation to make sure you price your home to sell. More about selling my home.

Websites that provide free property valuations

More valuation data, including a house price calculator can be found on the Halifax website in their House Price Index section. But these regional based calculations are not fool-proof, house prices vary wildly within areas and different markets in ...more

Selling your home? Get a free online valuation today!

If you are selling through a High Street estate agent then your agent will conduct a valuation and will agree an asking price with you. However, if you are selling your own home without the help of a traditional estate agent, you will need to price your property yourself. ...more

How to value your house

This important task can seem daunting, but with our quick, accurate and easy to use Online Property Valuation Tool, you can get an instant estimate of how much your home is worth. ...more

Professional estate agents valuation

Many homeowners will invite a professional to come and value their home in person, as well as using an online valuation tool, to give them 100% confidence that they have priced their home correctly. ...more

Using a professional surveyor

Estate agents are in a great position to express an opinion based on their experience of the local property market, however, to obtain a valuation that will help you obtain a mortgage or when buying a property it's wise to consider a RICs Surveyor. ...more

Free Property Valuation

Completely free - No obligation