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Free Property Valuations

Online house valuations

Use our free property valuation service to help you find the true value of your home. Our property valuation software will analyse your property price based on a number of factors and provide you with an instant property valuation. When selling a property getting the property price right is probably one of the most important elements to achieving a successful sale. Buyers will always compare like for like when searching for a property online. A home that is overpriced will stand out and you will lose out on a sale to the competition.

Land Registry Valuations

When you are trying to find out what your home is worth another great resource to help you arrive at the best house price is a search tool featured at the Land Registry, this lets you query the latest monthly residential property price data for all of the property sales in England and Wales.

Thinking of selling your home?

The House Shop can help you sell your home by advertising it directly to thousands of buyers that are using the website each day, we can also recommend the best online estate agent or high street agent with a proven track record to make selling a property easier. More about selling my home

Online Property Valuation

Free Property Valuations

If you are thinking about moving home, then valuing your property is an essential part of the process. Pricing your home correctly can be the difference between a quick, easy sale and a long drawn out struggle, so it is vital that you get a good idea of what your home is worth in the current market. An over-priced home will stick out like a sore thumb to buyers who always compare properties like for like.

How to value your house

Value my property

This important task can seem daunting, but with our quick, accurate and easy to use Online Property Valuation Tool, you can get an instant estimate of how much your home is worth.

Our online valuation tool takes into account a number of different factors to give you a good idea of what price to begin with when putting your home on the market. Our online calculator uses the number of bedrooms in the property, the condition of the property, any extensions or conversions, parking availability and a range of other factors to determine the value of your home.

Learn how much your home is worth and how much money could you make from the sale of your property. Get your free online valuation and find out today!

Professional Estate Agents Valuation

Estate Agent Property Valuations

Many homeowners will invite a professional to come and value their home in person, as well as using an online valuation tool, to give them 100% confidence that they have priced their home correctly. Before inviting an agent around its best to get your home ready for a valaution see Top tips for dressing your home

By using our free professional valuation service, we will put you in touch with 3 trusted local estate agents, who can come and value your property in person. Local estate agent’s detailed knowledge of the housing market in your area allows them to give you an accurate estimate of your home’s value, and offer you guidance on what price to begin marketing your property at.

Our Free Professional Valuation Service is a great way to get the best possible estimate of your property’s value and there is no obligation to use the services of the estate agent conducting the valuation after this point.

Click here to find out more about our Free Professional Valuation Service and request your free valuation today!

Using a professional surveyor

RICs Professional Property Valuations

Estate agents are in a great position to express an opinion based on thier experience of the local property market, to obtain a valuation that will help you obtain a mortgage or when buying a property it's wise to consider a RICs Surveyor. By using a RICs registered valuer you can be confiden that you are obtianing a valuation from a qualified and regualted proffessional. Learn more about a RICS property valuation