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Tenant Referencing

  • Speedy Reference: Super-fast background check
  • Full Reference: Comprehensive background check
  • Stand-alone guarantor available
  • Progress updates by SMS
  • Monitor the progress online 24/7
  • Download report once completed
  • Volume-based discount for agents

Speedy Reference - £9.99

For landlords in a hurry.
The minimal checks every landlord should make before getting a tenant. Typically returns a result in 1 hour 1.

Full Reference - £24.99

For complete peace of mind.
Everything from Speedy Reference, plus the checks listed below.
Typically returns a result in 2-4 days1.
1. Subject to tenant response times.
2. Optional guarantor charged as a Full Reference. You can only add a guarantor to an exsiting appliction using Full Reference for ALL applicants.
Tell us about the property and the tenant’s contact details.
Your tenants are invited to provide their information.
We send you a report detailing the results for each applicant.
  • Additional guarantor

    Some tenants might require a guarantor to pass the affordability check. You can add a guarantor at any point to an existing Full Reference application by amending the application in your dashboard.
  • Stand-alone guarantor

    You can purchase a stand-alone guarantor reference by starting a new Full Reference application and only add the guarantor details (no tenant details are required).

Do you know who you're letting to?

Landlords and letting agents need to conduct thorough references and background checks to ensure they avoid bad tenants.
Electoral roll
ID verification
CCJ search
Our screening and background checks include; credit checks, bankruptcy data, previous address, CCJ search, electoral roll and more.

Letting agents

Letting agents receive volume-based discounts.

Rent Guarantee eligibility

Only our Full Reference will guarantee the tenant meets the eligibility criteria to allow you to purchase a Rent Guarantee Insurance.

Even the best tenants can find their circumstances change suddenly, meaning they're unable to pay the rent. ...more

What is a Speedy Reference?

We immediately contact your tenants and get their permission to run a credit check and other essential searches. These automated online tenant checks will typically return a result in just 1 hour after the tenant has given consent (subject to tenants response times). ...more

What is a Full Reference?

We immediately contact your tenants to collect information about their employment status, housing situation, earnings, income and identity verification. Our referencing advisors then contact the tenant's employer and past landlord to get comprehensive written references ...more

Income and landlord references

While our Speedy Reference will give you core information about your tenant's credit history and any county court judgement, our Full Tenant Reference will include verbal or written references from your tenant's employer and past landlord. ...more

Stay updated in real-time

We will send reminders by SMS and emails to tenants if they do not start the process on time to ensure the references are completed as swiftly as possible. We will also send you a notification when the application is completed. ...more

What is included in the report?

Your final reference report will contain all the relevant details about the tenancy in question, including the property address, the landlord's details and the tenant's details.

You will then see an overall result for the reference, such as "Pass" ...more

Comprehensive reference checks

  • Speedy Reference
  • Full Reference
  • Stand-alone guarantor available
  • Progress updates by SMS
  • Monitor the progress online 24/7
  • Download report once completed
  • Volume-based discount for agents
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