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A comprehensive check giving you a detailed picture of your tenants' suitability.

  • Choose who pays
  • 2 working days (on average)
  • Credit check
  • Bankruptcy data
  • Residency & address confirmation
  • Electoral Roll check
  • Alias name search
  • Previous addresses linked
  • Employment verification
  • Income references (verbal confirmation)
  • ID verification
  • Previous landlord references
  • Affordability calculation
  • CCJ search

A fast credit check that will provide essential information about your tenants.

  • Choose who pays
  • Within one hour*
  • Credit check
  • Bankruptcy data
  • Residency & address confirmation
  • Electoral roll checks
  • Alias name search
  • Previous addresses linked
  • Employment verification
  • Income references (verbal confirmation)
  • ID verification
  • Previous landlord references
  • Affordability calculation
  • CCJ search
*subject to tenants response times

Why choose TheHouseShop to reference your tenants?

We work with thousands of landlords and letting agents who rely on our superior tenant referencing to help them avoid taking on bad tenants. Unlike other services, we offer a customer support team that you can speak to at any point during the referencing process.

Our tenant checks will reveal:
  • How good is the tenant’s credit history
  • How secure is their employment
  • Have they rented previously & how did they perform

First Class Tenant Screening

first class tenant screening
  • Our tenant screening and due diligence processes are the most advanced in the industry
  • Thousands of letting agents and private landlords use our referencing services
  • We’ll contact employers to confirm that the applicant earns what they say they earn and that they’re going to be employed for the full tenancy term
  • We speak to their current landlord to be certain that they were a good tenant
first class tenant screening
  • We will conduct a credit history check which will highlight any CCJ’s & bankruptcies
  • We investigate the voters register and if not found we will ask for proof of address
  • We investigate even further by conducting locate information searches which may reveal undisclosed addresses which we can then search
  • We contact managing agents and landlords to learn the truth about the potential tenant’s past renting behaviour
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What Happens After I Pay?

Full Reference

We immediately contact your tenants to collect some more information about their employment, income and housing situation. We then contact the tenants' employer and previous landlord to get verbal confirmation that the details they have provided are genuine - alongside a range of other digital checks and searches to confirm their suitability.

Fast Credit Check

We immediately contact your tenants and get their permission to run a credit check and other essential searches to confirm their suitability.

How do I get my results?

We run a variety of checks to confirm the suitability of your tenants and then provide you with a report detailing a pass or fail result for your tenants. Download a sample report here.

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How does it work?

enter tenant's details

1. Enter your tenant's details.

Use our simple online dashboard to fill in your tenants’ details.

we notify tenants

2. We notify your tenants.

We contact your tenants to get their permission to run our comprehensive checks.

we run a detailed reference check

3. We run a detailed reference check.

We verify the information provided by your tenants, ensuring they are suitable for your property.

receive results

4. You receive the results.

We send you a report detailing the results for each applicant - helping you to find only the best tenants.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Arthur P

Very good tenant referencing service for a landlord. Call in and ask for Alex if you're a new customer. Alex does as much as possible for me, explains all of their services to make sure I'm prepared for incoming tenants, not salesy, just no nonsense...

Teresa G

Very easy to use, all encompassing website, reducing the cost for every aspect for landlords. Highly recommend to anyone that wants an amazing service at a great price!

Bob M

Very helpful with an initial enquiry in regard to our buy to let properties and how to self manage them, cannot recommend them highly enough.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most landlords and letting agents will carry out a background check and reference on potential tenants before they move in. The tenants will be put through a series of checks and searches to assess how suitable they are for the property and to determine if they will be good, reliable tenants.

Tenant vetting or tenant referencing will involve a series of checks to determine if someone will be a reliable and responsible tenant. The reference will include various background checks such as employment status, identity checks, credit checks and references from past landlords.

The tenant referencing process shouldn’t usually take more than 48 hours once the referencing agency has received permission from the tenants to perform the checks. It may take longer to get the results of the reference if the tenant’s previous landlord or employer does not respond quickly.

Yes, landlords can use third party credit agencies to run credit checks on potential tenants, but only if they have written permission from the tenant. Most landlords will perform a credit check on potential tenants as part of the tenant referencing process during their rental application.

In most cases, the tenant will be expected to pay a non-refundable fee of anywhere from £15-£70 for referencing checks. However, some landlords prefer to cover the costs of tenant screening themselves, which is why TheHouseShop let landlords choose who pays for tenant referencing.

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