10 Décor Tricks to Try for Reviving Your Home

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No matter how much we love the looks of our house, any now and then we feel the urge to fresh up its looks. You don’t have to empty your wallets to do it, and a couple of small tricks could help you give your home a new vibe and appearance.

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at the designer tricks to try for making your home look different, in a perfect way:


  • Add some mirrors for lightening the room


If you’re struggling with space, you can make it look more substantial by adding a couple of mirrors. But that’s not the only effect that mirrors are going to have on a room. Any room with a limited amount of natural light (no matter the size) is going to look brighter when you add a couple of mirrors. Big or small, mirrors can work as pieces of art to add both dimension and light to a room.


  • Use soft &light colors for painting small rooms


Even if a small space isn’t going to give you much space, you can make it look bigger with all kinds of tricks. For instance, light-colored walls and some big mirrors are going to make a small room more significant than it is in reality. By contrary, dark colors are going turn a space seem smaller, no matter how many mirrors you’re going to use inside. 


  • Don’t hesitate to play with curtains


Many are using the thermo-insulated curtains nowadays in their home (they have so many benefits). But you shouldn’t limit only to the colors or dimensions when selecting the curtains in your home. You can have your little fun with color and patterns as well. For a room with mainly neutral shades, some emerald or bright red curtains can change the whole feel in a room. If you want to brighten up the things, some neutral colors for the curtains are great options. Eye-catching patterns (animal prints, stripes, or floral designs) are going to give a dull room the vibrant feeling it was missing.

As for fabric, lightweight fabrics (cotton, cotton blends, and linen) are a solid choice for casual looks. Go with heavyweight fabrics (silk, velvet, faux silk) when you want to give a room a formal or grand feel, or you simply look to achieve sound or thermal insulation.


  • Don’t forget about the slipcovers


Even though not everybody is on board, slipcovers can give the furniture a new and fresh look. They’re easy to remove, and they protect the furniture as well. If you have kids or pets, you’re going to find them both functional and beautiful. 


  • It’s all in the mix!


No tricks in the world are going to make your house feel like home. Your home should reflect who you are, your sense and style, and your way of like. Use your grandfather’s desk since it tells something about your past. Don’t hesitate to mix texture, colors, and patterns- they add warmth and texture into any room.


  • Paint the bookcases


If you’re looking for fast and easy tricks, painting the cabinets is one of the best methods to try. A simple coat of colorful paint may give a whole new energy and feel into a room- it’s fantastic! From all the tricks out there in terms of providing a dull space, a modern vibe, painting it with a bright and fun color may be in top 3. Bookcases are a great place to begin the change of a room since it’s small, yet functional space for any room. You may add a pop of color to the fireplace mantels, ceiling, hallways, and inside of closets too.


  • You don’t have to go shopping


Truth be told, we all have all kinds of things in boxes somewhere around the house. Don’t go shopping just yet and take a look at all the things you could use for decorating your home. Metal, wooden, trays, and silver can work as accents on bedside tables, trunks, or tea carts for adding some dimension and texture. Plates may also function as wall art, whereas children’s book art can be framed and displayed in a kid’s room. 


  • Wicker baskets anyone?


When you’re looking to add some storage to a room, wicker baskets are an economical and attractive solution. You may use them for storing books, toys, towels, and blankets- but they’re only some to name. Use them in the kitchen too for displaying the fruits and veggies.


  • Plants, plants, and more plants


You should always add plants to a living space, no matter if it’s small or more significant. Plants are affordable and a great way to add color and texture to a room. Apart from the aesthetic abilities, plants are going to balance humidity and clean the household air. They may eliminate the harmful gases from the air and absorb pollutants. You should think about using more plants in your home!

Side note: Give the kitchen a new feel with a potholder

Kitchens are supposed to be inviting and warm. We’re spending a lot of time in the kitchen when cooking or serving meals. A hanging pot rack can give your kitchen an elegant feel. It’s going to make the kitchen feel used the whole time. There are many sizes and styles out there, with the additional cupboard space below offering more storage space. And no one (in the right mind) has ever complained about having too much storage space in their home.


  • Soften the hardwood floors with rugs


Rugs give the hardwood floors warmth, but they also give color, personality, and texture. Even though the hardwood floors are beautiful and comfortable to take care of, they’re not as pleasant as the carpeted floors (especially during the cold season). Dare to use the area rugs for adding a bit of fun and functionality, mixing various patterns and fabrics. You may use several rugs with the same material and designs, or the same colors with different textures for the carpets. The sky is the limit!

In the cold season, you may use warm tones and fabric, whereas in the warm months you can use lighter textures. Some cotton rugs are great for anyone with children, especially since they’re easy to wash. 

One last recommendation

If you got bored with the looks of your home, don’t lose hope! There are many décor solutions to try that leave you enough cash in your wallet. You need to find out about them and take the plunge! 


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