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Use our handy comparison tool to find out what type of survey best suits your circumstances and then compare the best value surveys from RICS-approved surveyors. It's quick, easy to use and will give you the extra peace of mind when buying your new home. Avoid any nasty surprises and ensure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about your potential new home.

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Do I Need a Survey?

If you are buying a property, a survey can be incredibly useful - they can help you make sure you avoid any expensive surprises (like an unexpected re-wiring job or re-tiling the roof) and will give you peace of mind that those hairline cracks in the exterior wall don't mean that the whole house is about to fall down. Especially for First Time Buyers who have never owned a property before, a survey can be extremely reassuring and remove some of the stress and anxiety from a property purchase.

The information that you find out from the survey could be significant enough for you to reconsider whether to buy the property, or at least renegotiate the asking price to account for the costs of any required improvement works. It is not a legal requirement to carry out a survey in the UK, but they can avoid some nasty surprises further down the line, and it is an especially good idea to get a survey if:

  • you are buying a very old (pre-Victorian) property
  • you are buying a particularly unique or unusual property
  • the building is Grade listed (this can have complicated consequences for renovation and building work)
  • you have concerns about a specific part of the property e.g. if you have noticed a significant crack in the wall during a viewing of the property
  • you have not visited the property in person multiple times and are unsure what sort of condition the property is really in

What Type of Survey is Right For Me?

valuation reportbuilding surveyhome buyer report

If you aren't sure which type of survey is right for you - then you can use your handy wizard tool 'Which Survey is Right For Me?' to help you work out which survey best matches your needs. Just in case you still aren't sure which survey is right for you, check out this handy table comparing all the different survey types and their features in detail:

compare surveys

The importance of getting a home survey...

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