10 Top Tips for Choosing A New Bed Frame

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Choosing a new bed frame can be almost as important as picking the perfect mattress. The CDC states that the average adult needs to get 7 hours of sleep within 24 hours. Your health and mental well-being depend upon it. If you have not chosen your mattress yet, you should do that now.

 Ensure to get the proper type and do not rush through the process. The first mattress you see may not be the best fit for you. Once you have that, it will be time to pick out the best bed frame, which is what we are here to talk about today.


  1. Mattress Size: The first thing you should always consider is the size of your mattress. You need to know exactly what type you have and what size. Just because you have a king-sized bed does not mean that a standard king size frame will fit. You may have a California King, which is longer but is not as wide as an original sized king. You need to know exactly what size of mattress you must be able to get the perfect bed frame.

  2. Bedroom Size: Hopefully, before you bought the mattress, you did some measuring and picked out a size that works for your bedroom. You need to check out the size again, but this time to match the perfect bed frame to the mattress. If you have no room on one side of the bed but plenty of room on the other, you could go with a frame that has drawers. If you are tight on both sides, you would be wasting your money on a base with drawers. Consider the size of your room before choosing your bed frame.

  3. Support Type: You need to think about the support type of frame. A platform bed allows you to skip the box springs, but it sits lower to the ground. You can unique order platforms beds to get them higher off the ground, but it is usually a substantial charge.

  4. Frame Type: You can get a frame connected to a head and footboard. A single bottom frame is available to add any type of header or footer, or you can get a bottom frame in more than one piece. The ones that come apart are much easier to move, but they have areas of possible weakness in the joints where they connect.

  5. Frame Height: This was mentioned earlier, but it is an important consideration, especially if you have some mobility issues. A metal frame designed to hold a box spring will get the entire bed off the floor farther, making it easier to get in and out. Bed frame sizes can be ordered in special sizes from some bed frame suppliers, while others only sell one size.

  6. Frame Legs: You need to check out the legs of the frame and make sure that it works for your floor and your needs. The base should have plenty of feet to ensure that the weight on the bed does not break the frame. This means that there should be some random feet under the centre of the bed. The bigger the frame, the more feet it should have.

  7. Frame Materials: The two most common materials that frames are made from are wood and metal. They are both strong and will work for what they are designed for. Wood is usually more decorative and can be much more expensive. A metal frame can be more robust and can hold more weight.

  8. Frame Support System: The point of the bottom base of the frame is to hold the weight of your body. Check to make sure that it has enough cross pieces to hold the weight that it needs to hold. In other words, if the frame has a couple of crosspieces and some small outer frame supports, you may likely end up sleeping with the mattress on the floor.

  9. Frame Style: Your style will be unique to you, so you need to make sure that the frame is shaped to represent you. Wood is more sculptured, while metal is more antique. Your choices are endless.

  10. Frame Quality: This goes along with many of the tips above, but it is still worth mentioning. If the frame is thrown together with a few bolts and some wire, you know it will be cheap, but you will have to repeatedly replace it.


There are 10 different tips that you should consider when picking out the perfect frame. A lot of it will be up to you and your specific tastes. Some people like a simple frame base with a mattress on top, and others like a bed frame that is lavish and big. No matter what you prefer, you need to make sure that the frame is made from high-quality materials and designed to last through many years of use.


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