15 of the Weirdest Pets That You Can Actually Own in the UK

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Everyone loves weird and exotic animals; there is no denying that weird pets are a great conversation starter, and make for a more interesting chat than telling your mates about your pet hamster. From cute capybaras, curious kinkajous and terrifying tarantulas, we here at TheHouseShop.com, have rounded up 15 of the weirdest pets that you can actually own in the UK- take a gander and see if any take your fancy… (the pygmy goat and the capybara are currently topping the list in our office!). Just remember that if you’re living in a rental property, you may have trouble convincing your landlord that your pet micro-pig won’t make a mess.
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1)African Pygmy Hedgehog


Hedgehogs are mega cute, and it turns out you can actually own your very own prickly hedgehog friend! The African pygmy hedgehog is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, which is hardly surprising considering how petite and easy to look after they are. If you want to know more about keeping an African pygmy hedgehog, head here.

2) Pygmy Goat

pygmy goat

If you want a taste of farmer life, but can’t commit to milking your animals every day, or selling them for meat, then a pygmy goat is for you! These adorable little goats make for the perfect, low maintenance family pet, as they are friendly and self-excising; but, you will need a bit of land to keep them, so perhaps not ideal for townies. To find out more about pygmy goats, head here.

3) Micro Pig


If a goat doesn’t quite take your fancy, why not consider a micro pig? Besides being ridiculously cute, micro pigs are also pretty cheap to keep- and they can even eat your leftovers! All you need to keep one is some outdoor space and a Council Parish Holding number. But please, please, please don’t forget that “micro” pigs do actually turn into rather large adult pigs… so make sure you aren’t sucked in by the cute little piglets without considering their fully-grown counterparts! To find out more, head over here.

4) Capybara


So, you wake up one day and decide that your cute little guinea-pig isn’t cool enough and doesn’t get you enough likes on Instagram. What do you do? Buy the world’s largest rodent, a capybara, that looks pretty much exactly the same as a guinea-pig, but much, much bigger. While capybaras are really cool, they’re also very expensive and require loads of equipment, such as a swimming pool…maybe only get one if you’re a millionaire, then you and your capybara can go swimming together in your infinity pool. Find more about giant guinea-pigs here.

5) Tarantula


If you’re not a fan of having friends and family around on a regular basis, then a pet tarantula would be a fantastic investment. Tarantulas need little space, aren’t very sociable and are very quiet, so they’re a very low maintenance pet- but with none of your friends coming around anymore, and your spider not wanting to hang out with you, you better enjoy being alone. Find out more about tarantulas here.

6) Axolotl


Are they fish? Are they lizards? We’re not sure, but we do know that an axolotl looks a bit like a Pokemon, so therefore they’re pretty cool. And, they’re actually kind of cute, so they’re bound to be a top conversation starter, and will get you loads of likes on social media. To find out more about them, head here.

7) Marmoset Monkey


Marmosets are one of the smallest monkeys on the planet, so if you’re in the market for a small pet, this could be the one for you! While Marmosets are ridiculously cute, they are also very mischievous and require a lot of attention. If you’re mad about marmosets and want to find out more, go here.

8) Octopus


Feel like livening up your fish tank? Look no further than a pet octopus! Octopuses are interesting to watch and will definitely get everyone talking, and they don’t require much physical contact…mainly because they might try to attack you. To find out more about keeping an octopus, go here.

9) Chinchilla


Chinchillas are quite possibly the most adorable member of the rodent family, with their amazingly soft fur, fluffy tails and big ears. And they’re also odorless- what more could you ever want?! Being quite timid, Chinchillas are better suited to adults and older children and require quite a bit of upkeep- to find out more, head here.

10) Sugar Glider


Forget hampsters, sugar gliders are the coolest pocket-sized pet that you could possibly find. Part of the same family as kangaroos and koala bears, the sugar glider is super friendly, forming bonds with you and your entire family- even your other animals, and we all know that nothing is better than inter-animal friendships! Find out more about keeping sugar gliders here.

11) Kinkajou


Kinkajous are small animals that usually live in the rain forest. Apparently, they’re very inquisitive, friendly and playful- but it’s doubtful you’d be up to see it, as these animals are nocturnal. To find out more about Kinkajous, just go here.

12) Giant African Land Snail


Snails may not be the most interesting/social/cuddly pet in the world, but I guess they have their own unique charm in that they carry their bed around on their back. Also, these giant snails are very low maintenance, so you will never have to worry about getting home early to spend time with it. Find out more about them here.

13) Fennec Fox

fennec fox

Can’t decide if you want a dog or a cat? Well, the fennec fox is the closest you can get to having a mixture of both, with the agility and aloofness of a cat, but the playfulness of a dog. Not only this, but the fennec fox is ridiculously cute, just check out those ears! If you’re intrigued, click here.

14) Bengal Cat 


So you love big cats, like tigers, lions and leopards, but you can’t have one as a pet- the next best thing is a Bengal cat. Not only do they look like miniature leopards, but they’re not as likely to eat you as a real one is and won’t cost nearly half as much. Find out all about the Bengal cat here.

15) Madagascan Hissing Cockroach 

massive cockraoch

If you find tarantulas a bit too mainstream, you might like the Madagascan hissing cockroach. These giant insects don’t sting/bite/run fast, so they’re good for kids, plus they make a loud hissing noise, which I guess the more insect inclined people might enjoy. Find out more about these really massive cockroaches here.

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