3 digital tools that make estate agencies streamlined, sharp and effective

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Estate agents are like corporate ninjas — accessing properties at any time of day or night and using mystical powers of persuasion to execute deals with deadly efficiency.

And coordinating a clique of these elite sales specialists requires Shaolin-style discipline and software that makes internal and external processes as smooth and swift as a spinning shuriken.

So if you’re aiming at blackbelt performance, here are three digital tools that make estate agencies streamlined, sharp and effective.


  • Lead capture apps

A pen and paper are the traditional trusty tools used by agents to record visitor details at open house events for follow-up conversations.

But if a visitor’s handwriting is a hot mess and their details are indecipherable, paper messages might as well be flushed down the toilet and time-consuming open houses are completely pointless.

But agile lead capture apps allow you to collect and convert more leads electronically and send customers professional follow-up emails — striking while the iron is hot and buyer intent has peaked.

Effective apps also prioritise leads according to which is most promising and feature social sharing that generates traffic on your social media streams.

So if you don’t want to miss out on hot leads, ditch the notepad and rely on the app power in your pocket.


  • Automated HR

Running a real estate agency involves tightly controlling your staffing spend to ensure that every employee serves a purpose and delivers results.

As well as sales agents, you might need backroom staff to take care of admin tasks and internal procedures.

HR can be one department that’s costly because qualified professionals don’t come cheap, but it delivers business functions that are essential — especially if you employ staff internationally.

However, contracting a global payroll solutions provider ensures wages are paid promptly and accurately — and tax arrangements comply with regulations in each separate jurisdiction.

Automated HR services can also provide reports on staff performance, wellbeing and attendance — valuable data for running a tight ship.


  • Online video

If you’re still completely reliant on photo property images in brochures or on your website, you need to join the 21st century and invest in video tech.

Video facilitates a much more immersive and realistic experience for customers who are unable to visit a property in person at a crucial point in time.

A user-friendly online video editor tool allows you to create professional marketing videos that combine action sequences, slick still shots and engaging audio in a finished product that can be embedded on your website, sent directly to customers or shared on social media.

This tech allows you to close deals quickly and effectively, with no need to hire an expensive videographer — and it encourages you to take a creative approach to business.

Invest in these three digital tools that make estate agencies streamlined, sharp and effective to witness kick-ass results in no time at all.

What digital tools does your agency use? Share your tips in the comments section.

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