3 Tips for Styling Your Property for a Quick Sale

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When many people get their property ready to sell, they spend time and money completing maintenance jobs around the home or even renovating certain areas which need refreshing. However, if you’re just about to list your property for sale, don’t forget to also think about styling the home, so it looks as large, functional, calm, inviting and homey as possible. Read on for three key tips you should follow today if you want to achieve a sale nice and quickly.

Clean and Declutter

No one will be able to see just how great your home is if it’s cluttered with stuff and looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in a while. As such, it’s important to spend time getting your property looking sparkling. To clear out the clutter, go area by area, removing as many superfluous belongings as you can. Leave plenty of space on the floors, so visitors can walk around easily and get to everything they need to, and keep décor simple so all rooms look bigger.

Remember that you never know where potential buyers might look when they check out your property. Don’t just stuff everything in your garage or closets as a quick fix. Instead, clear out these areas, and put things in storage or at the homes of family members as needed.

It’s wise to get rid of as many unnecessary items as you can. After all, once you sell your property, you’ll have to move, so reduce the amount of items you’ll have to take with you. Allow plenty of time to think about each item in your house, and then to sell, donate, recycle, throw out or clean goods which you no longer use or which aren’t in the best shape.

Look online or in local papers and other publications, to find out about charities and other organizations keen to receive goods. There are places which will take items big or small, whether you need to know how to donate a boat or lawn mower or part with clothing, books, toys, kitchen appliances, etc.

After you have cleared the clutter, get down to work cleaning your property inside and out. See this is as the chance to do a big spring clean, and polish and scrub areas you normally don’t think about too much. For example, clean windows, the tracks of sliding doors, concrete pathways, attics, basements, ceilings and the like.

Showcase the Functionality and Versatility of Each Space

Next, look for ways to showcase the functionality and versatility of spaces in your home. You want prospective purchasers to come into your property and immediately imagine how they could decorate and inhabit the space. As such, keep décor and wall and floor colors neutral where possible to make it easy for those inspecting the home to picture their own décor within it.

Try to demonstrate how rooms could be used for varying purposes. For example, set up a bedroom as both an office and sleeping quarters by placing a small desk and chair, plus a streamlined bed or a fold-out couch. A large attic or basement could also be fitted out with some neat tools, packed up boxes, and some couches and a TV to show it could be used as both a teenage retreat and a storage area.

Think about any areas around your property that currently seem like “dead zones.” Show how they can be used efficiently, instead. You could put a closet or some shelving under a flight of stairs to provide additional storage or fit in a desk in a nook so there’s additional study space. Don’t neglect your outdoor areas either — set up furniture and other supplies in different parts of the space to show how potential buyers could use it, depending on their lifestyles and families.

Add Curb Appeal

 Lastly, speaking of outdoor areas, it’s also very important to add as much curb appeal to your property as you can. Remember that the first thing people see when they get to your house is the street frontage. This includes things like the fence, gardens, mail box, yard, front door, blinds and more. If you want to achieve a good sale for your home in a short amount of time, you need to ensure these areas draw people in and leave a good first impression.

As such, replace rusted out mailboxes or give old ones a new coat of paint, and add a fence to give your yard more impact and security. Also consider adding potted flowers or succulents near the front door where people enter the property, and put some new paint on any peeling windows, doors or shutters. In addition, keep the lawns mown and all the gardens trimmed and tidy. Clearing out overgrown yards will make the area look more spacious and appealing.

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