3 ways to declutter your home

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Is your home full of clutter that is taking up valuable living space? This time of year is the perfect opportunity to have a spring clean and to throw out all the useless items that are weighing you down.


Keep reading for three easy ways to declutter your home.


Sort your spare room

Is your spare room the dumping ground for all your clutter? A recent survey found that one in four households have a dedicated room for clutter as well as a loft and a garden shed. Its likely that you don’t need most of the stuff in your clutter room and most of it can probably be thrown out.

Similarly, if your son or daughter has left home but their stuff hasn’t, give them a warning that you will be having a clear-out. Give them some opportunities to clear the room themselves before you tackle the room yourself. Warning: don’t throw anything out without asking them first.


Clear the ‘lazy clutter’

There are two main types of clutter.Memory clutter nostalgic hoardings from over the years is more difficult to get rid of as they remind us of people or events in the past. It is sentimental and often harder to part with.

Lazy clutter old newspapers, unwanted presents and paint pot samples are easier to get rid of. This superficial clutter accumulates over time but is easier to dispose of.

Apply the fire test. What would you want to grab and save if there was a fire? If its not on your list, you can probably get rid of it.


Clear out your wardrobe

When was the last time you cleared out your wardrobe? It is probably full of clothes that you have never worn and may never wear. So, separate your clothes into:

     T   Those you wear now

     T   Those that you need but don’t wear often

     T   Those that you never wear


If there is still insufficient room,consider putting your summer or winter clothes in storage boxes and keeping them in the loft until the right season. 

Nick Marr

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