3 Well Designed Co-Working Spaces

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Here in this article I’m gonna talk about and show examples of some of the most beautifully and cleverly designed office spaces. We’re not just looking at different office spaces from all over the world. We will specifically be looking at co-working spaces in Singapore. Just quickly, I’ll answer a couple of important questions that could be floating around in your head.

Why Singapore?

Good question. Well, Singapore is home to probably the most exquisitely designed, most functional coworking space. They have a very wide range of offices to rent on top of that. So it’s not only quality but quantity too. I will be taking all these examples of offices from Osdoro, WeWork Singapore is their competitor.. So later in the article, we’ll look at some of the best offices in Singapore.

Why is interior design important

This is a bit subjective. Some people can work from anywhere, but not me. For me to get work done and handed in on time I need a nice atmosphere, lighting, furniture and colours around me. There’s just something discouraging about working in a dull office, with dull people, working dull jobs. I want to be sitting on a chair that doesn’t look like it’s been bought from some cheap wholesaler called ‘budget office supplies’.

My home space is lovely, so why don’t I work there 

I get it, you have a well-designed house and a nice looking office area. You’ve got a nice light oak coloured desk with a matt black stand. You’ve got a nice plant, a window to let in some fresh air and on top of that, you’ve got free coffee. So working from home would be perfect. You can have free coffee, a nice workspace and your normal home comforts. When something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. So what’s the catch? At home you also have a sofa, TV, children running around, maybe even your spouse or partner. So that sofa is calling you all day to just have a little lie-down and take a break from your work. I think you know the rest of the story

Top 3

I’ve chosen 3 different styles of office, as opposed to filtering them down by price and location. Here we’ll have a look at the interior design of these co-working spaces and office rentals in Singapore, We’ll also look at the facilities.

9 Raffles Place, Republic Plaza 2


This design manages to combine the gritty industrial roof with the basic colour scheme. Recently, keeping a little industrial and grittiness to restaurants, cafes and even people’s homes has been becoming more and more normalized and brought into the mainstream interior design industry. The office space as you can see has very wide open full of light space. The plants really do work well with the woody colour scheme. They mix carpet, Laminate and wooden flooring making the space look very diverse and interesting


Having a good wide range of quality facilities is important if you’ll be working long days here, away from your home comforts. I’ll make a list of 3 stands out facilities below

  • Shower area – This is great as if you make your commute via cycling or running, Or even just fancy freshening up after lunch this is a very useful facility to have at your disposal 
  • Disabled access – This is something often overlooked, But if you have a team member who cannot do everything an average human can. This is a huge plus for them 
  • Bike racks – Because it’s always good to not have your bike stolen, no more explanation needed I think

40A Orchard Road Macdonald house


Moving over to Orchard Road now, We’ve got a fresh, Minimal and young-looking space. The office itself has a certain vibe about it. You can feel the energy bounce off each person who works in the space. The motivational quotes on the wall are maybe a little cringy to some people, But I love it. This workspace is fresh, modern and exciting. If I could, I’d love to be a part of it. The colour scheme is simple, Nothing too crazy. This space stays in its lane but it does it with style


Like I said facilities are very important, The space we’re looking at now definitely does not boast as many great facilities although I’m gonna list their top 3 just like the previous office

  • Printing facilities – Yes, I’m aware that this space is a young-looking office. You’d think they wouldn’t need printers, But every business can benefit from the old fashioned paper. Not everything can be in the cloud
  • Kitchen – This is definitely needed, Eating out can become expensive over time. And so can coffee
  • 24/7 Access – Some people are night owls, let’s just leave it at that

7 Straits View, Marina One East Towe


Now over to the beautiful Marina Bay. This space gives off a very warm, kind and friendly coffee shop kind of vibe. The dark blue colour scheme makes it feel warm for a strange reason. If I had not seen photos and someone had described it to my ear, I would have said it was a cold feeling. I think the opposite after checking the photos 


So one of the first, and obvious facilities you can see already. But this office is very well equipped just like the first

  • After-hours security – Feeling safe is important, especially if you are working after hours
  • Cleaning included in rent – This is great of course, The fewer bills you get the better right?
  • High-speed fibre – So very important if you are mainly operating online, No more explanation needed




Ref number: THSI-2323

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