4 Cities Worth Moving To in Ontario, Canada

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Ready to start a new journey and move to Canada? Ontario offers endless career options, and all the big cities are safe, clean, and have excellent public transportation. It also has its fair share of tourism attractions, which means many tourists drive the economy year-round, and there’s plenty to do for you and your family.

Not sure which cities in Ontario are best? Keep reading to learn the top destinations you should consider moving to this year.

1. Toronto (GTA) 

Toronto remains the gateway for all visitors to the province. It’s the province’s development centre, and the demand for Toronto isn’t going away anytime soon. 

Toronto saw more successful tech graduates than any other city and had the most significant percentage of new tech employment growth in Canada or the United States. It can be challenging at times to find homes for sale in Toronto. Toronto sees healthy, desired growth as more and more job opportunities are being created, making it a thriving hub for work, socialization, and culture. 

Toronto is in a unique position in 2022 since many citizens have relocated out of the city. That is not to say that the city is dwindling, far from it. Because such a high proportion of newcomers to Ontario settle in Toronto, and the city is experiencing rapid economic growth, inter-and intra-provincial migration has increased demand

2. Hamilton

The city of Hamilton is evolving and developing, so it is an excellent location to purchase or rent. Hamilton is fantastic because it offers a variety of neighbourhoods with a range of real estate values. Many people find Hamilton appealing since it is home to several post-secondary schools, including McMaster University and Mohawk College. National and international students seek housing in this region, and the vacancy rate is 3.1%. 

The city of Hamilton has experienced a considerable shift in the kind of jobs accessible during the previous 20 years. While the city lost 18,000 factory jobs between 2002 and 2017, it gained 16,000 construction jobs, 22,700 healthcare jobs, and many more in recent years. 

Overall, Hamilton is an ever-evolving city and diverse culture in Ontario that could be an excellent place for you to hit the reset button. 

3. Brantford

Brantford has been a popular alternative for people searching for a bit more space and privacy. Property prices have risen dramatically in recent years, so don’t be put off by the low entry prices. This is still a fantastic city with enormous potential. Brantford’s population is predicted to rise exponentially over the next 30 years. Some of it will undoubtedly be an overflow from Hamilton. 

The city has an expansion strategy that will further develop already developed districts while remaining attentive to current neighbourhoods. Following the expansion of the city borders in 2017, the city now has clear goals for managing the predicted development over the next 10 to 20 years with an equal split of urban and residential regions.

4. Waterloo

When you’re considering relocating to Canada, a common worry is that Ontario might be an expensive place to live. While there are some pricey neighbourhoods and regions, there’s always somewhere affordable just up the road – why not consider Waterloo?

Its relatively low house prices and an excellent school system make it an attractive prospect for young families. Its population is 3-4 years younger than the national average by median, so younger people looking to set up a new social circle can also find plenty of opportunities here.

You’ve also got its “twin”, Kitchener, a stone’s throw away – in terms of restaurants, nightlife, and attractions, the Waterloo area offers two cities in one place. 

Waterloo boasts low unemployment rates and a wide variety of jobs – its flourishing tech sector has led to Waterloo being dubbed “the new Silicon Valley.” It has superb opportunities for young tech professionals and a healthy job market. The presence of Kitchener next door means that there’s something available for everyone within a short drive – combined with its affordable housing prices, this makes Waterloo a fantastic choice for migrants.


Even though there are other locations you may consider, one thing is sure: Ontario offers endless opportunities to begin a new life in an exciting place. There’s no shortage of breathtaking destinations across Canada, and cities across Ontario provide excellent opportunities for all.

Perhaps you’ll favour the bustling big city of Toronto, or maybe you’ll start a young family in affordable Waterloo. Then again, you might prefer a growing college town like Hamilton or a burgeoning little town like Brantford – the province of Ontario provides lots of beautiful cities and small villages to meet the needs of anybody considering relocation to Canada.

With a great real estate agent, you’ll be able to hunt for properties for sale that fit your budget and long-term goals. 

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