4 Exciting and Eco-Friendly Trends for Earth-Conscious Homeowners

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Many people are starting to worry about their impact on the earth. This is why eco-friendly businesses are rising in popularity and why people buy environmentally-conscious products. The love of sustainability is spilling into homes everywhere, making it vital that you consider the following four green updates to keep your property value high and spice things up a bit.

1. Solar Power

One of the most popular additions to a home is solar panels. These panels are normally placed on the roof of your home and provide free energy, reducing electricity costs. Still, this is not the only renovation idea you could consider.

Other homeowners are redesigning their home to have a more passive solar design. This design allows the home to stay warmer during the colder seasons and cooler when it’s hot, by strategically rearranging aspects of your home. For example, the windows of your home will likely change so they face the sun for longer periods of time.

2. The Rainwater Solution

Keeping up with the times is as much your job as it is the job of savvy real estate agents. The value of your property depends on desirability, which is something agents know and depend on, too. No one is saying that you need to sell your home, but it is wise to plan ahead should the idea ever come up, which is why you should also consider installing a rainwater system.

Rainwater harvesting is growing in popularity all around the world, including Australia. The harvesting tank is going to collect the rainwater and will push it through a filtering system. The water is then linked up to your plumbing system so that you can enjoy cleaner water that has not be treated with numerous chemicals most town and city water municipals use to clean water. You end up saving money, reducing your dependence on city water, and increasing the value of your home.

3. Pool With a Touch of Nature

Another interesting addition to your sustainable home is a natural pool. It is not exactly a natural pool but more of a blend between a constructed pool and nature. The idea is to plant natural water-based plants near the ends of the pool. These plants are going to filter your pool naturally.

There are a few advantages to this kind of pool, besides your property value going up, like how you will no longer have to filter your pool. The design of a natural pool is also visually stimulating since it is next to a bed of natural blossoms. You may even get to see birds or butterflies come by your pool from time to time. It is a beautiful way to enjoy a pool and one that helps promote natural ecosystems, which is something many homeowners like you want.

4. A Different Kind of Oven

Brick or stone ovens used to be a thing of the past. There were a few bread makers and pizza makers who still used them but they were not manufactured much. That is slowly changing. Some homeowners are installing these stone ovens in attempts to make a home more eco-friendly and natural.

The neat thing about these ovens is they do not retain moisture, which makes bread crispy on the outside and divine on the inside. These ovens have a very earthy design which should definitely spice up the overall look of your home. You have the option to install a stone oven outside or inside your house. These ovens come with a chimney to let the heat out and normally use wood or charcoal to heat up.

Most of these changes will likely revolutionize the overall look of your home and how you live. Yes, this does help improve the value of your home but also improves your quality of life. You do not have to make all of these changes all at once. It is okay to take your time.

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