4 Important Things To Remodel Before Winter

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When it comes to winters, depending on if you are a fan or not – there are many things that you look forward to or just want to get it over with. No matter on which side you are on, and your priorities, there is one thing that just can’t be overlooked and unfortunately, exceptionally often is, and that’s maintenance. It does make sense that this is the case, just because there is always something more important happening, but the truth is that if you remodel things that you should in time – you are actually saving a lot of time and money down the road.

All of that being said, to get you ready for the winter and everything that comes with it – in this article, we will explain to you why and what you should remodel before winter. 


  1. HVAC replacement

There is no better time to make sure that your HVAC system is working correctly than before the winter and before the summer. Many people tend to overlook the importance of HVAC maintenance and regulation since they just aren’t aware of how it can affect different aspects of their lives, so let’s talk about that in more detail.


When it comes to your HVAC’s efficiency, it is something that enormously depends on how you maintain your HVAC system. So, if you didn’t do regular maintenance, the probability is high that the efficiency has gone down. But what does this mean? Well, not only does it mean that your HVAC system isn’t going to operate the way that it should, but it also means that it’s going to crank up your electricity bills since it needs more power in order to function at all.


This is even more important, considering the fact that an HVAC system that wasn’t maintained as much as it should pose a danger to your household. Basically, if you didn’t change your filters in a while, the possibility of bacteria and even black mould accumulation in the system is pretty high, all of which pose a danger to your health. All of that being said – check your HVAC system!

  1. Roofing and how it’s affected by rough weather

The biggest problem regarding your roofing during winter is that the probability of leaks skyrockets during wintertime. This is because the temperatures in your home are high, and when we are talking about the outside temperatures – it’s freezing cold. 

Ultimately, all of these problems lead to different issues, which, as experts from Home Genius Exteriors in Monroeville explain, can further lead to leaks and even structural damage and black mould. Mould is toxic and structural damage only leads to even more severe issues, so it would be best for you to consult with your local roofing company on ways to prevent these problems. The best way to prevent these is by installing a  water-resistant membrane since it lasts for a long time and prevents the source of the problem – moisture due to different temperatures outside and inside the property.

  1. Insulation improvements

When it comes to combating low temperatures that winter brings, the best, most energy-conserving way to do so is to have proper insulation. If you have, by any chance noticed that you are spending more money on your bills regarding your heating and it’s just autumn – it is probably the time to reconsider if the insulation that you have is going to be sufficient for the upcoming months. 

There are many different options when it comes to insulation, but if you live in an area where it tends to get really cold, it might be best for you to consider going for an upgrade. Otherwise – you are just going to use up more money on heating your entire household.

  1. Check your doors and windows

This is extremely important since it’s such an easy fix! This is because if you have proper insulation and an efficient HVAC system – if your doors and windows aren’t working correctly – you will notice a spike in your bills, and you are going to feel like your home is colder than it should be. That being said, if your doors and windows aren’t working correctly, investing in new ones is the best way to go regarding low temperatures.

To sum things up

In the end, it all comes down to being prepared and doing the necessary research in order to avoid any unnecessary, avoidable expenses in the long run. That being said, if you have just finished reading this article, you are equipped with everything that you need to know when it comes to pre-winter remodelling, so be sure to use that knowledge well!


Ref number: THSI-1973


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